The Best Products To Sell Online To Make The Most Money

In this video blog post I will be sharing the best products to sell online to make the most money per sale.

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Hey, what's going on? Zach Crawford, here. And, in this video, I am going to talk about the best products to sell online.

So, this question came from somebody in my Facebook group, and if you are new to the channel, and you want to join the Facebook group, you can go below in the description, and actually join there.

I do live streams 3 times a week, answering all your questions, and basically this person is struggling to scale up their profits, right? They are making a little bit of money, they are making right around about a $1,000 a month, but they can't really seem to scale beyond that, right?

And, this is a problem that I suffered with when I first started in the industry. And, it's something that I see a lot of people struggle with that come to me for coaching. And, what I can tell you is this is something that until I learned how to do this, I couldn’t really scale beyond about $5,000 a month.

I know for some people that's god income right? But, what was funny is that $5,000 that I was making would just switch and what I am going to teach you right here – it went from $5,000 to like $30,000 and above. With this one little switch.

It was because of the fact that I did not understand how things fit together, and what actual super affiliates were doing and the people that are on the top of the food chain. I just did not understand how all this goes together.

And, one of the things that I always say is “You don't know what you don't know”, right? And, when I first started, I did not know a thing about knowing a thing. I was really trying to piece things together.

Watching what I've seen successful people do, and tried to model them. But, it wasn't till I learned this that it actually changed everything.

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Now, with that being said, if there is anything that doesn't make sense as I talk through this, and you are watching this video, just comment below, and I am willing to answer any of your questions if something just doesn't quite make sense.

So, one of the things that people really get caught up on when they are trying to build their business online, or really scale their profits, is they think that there is like a perfect product. I don't think there is a perfect product, depending on what industry you are in, the products are going to be different.

Sometimes they are going to be different price points, sometimes there is going to be more offers, depending on what niche you are in. But, one of the things that most people make the mistake is trying to promote, like, the perfect product.

There isn't really a perfect product to sell online. You got to find the product suite.

So, what I mean by this is a product suite is several different products. I will draw this out so that it makes more sense. Because, personally, I am more of a visual person, just talking about something doesn't really help me connect the dots.

So, you want to think about basically how all this fits together, right?

The first staged that you need to have is to have something for free. And, I always call this the “freebie.” And, basically, the point of this is to collect the emails, right? And, if you have not watched my videos on my channel, I am always talking about this, “The email is more valuable than the sale.”

And, the reason why I say this is because most people just want to make money, right? And, they just want to make some damn money. And, the problem with that is “most people don't buy.”

Like, if somebody is coming across your content, whether you are doing YouTube, or you are doing a blog, you are doing social media, or you are running paid Ads, right? People don't usually buy right away.

The reason being is, I want you to think about this. When they come across you, they don't know who you are, they don't know if you are trustworthy, they don't know if you are somebody that is an outright scammer and just trying to take their money. Especially, the older demographic.

Millennials, and my age group and younger, they are really up to date on how technology works and what goes on. In the baby boomer market,right, with the people that are a little bit older, they are very skeptical about giving their credit card out.

They are skeptical about buying things online because they are worried about scams, right?

So, you got to realize that you have to build trust with somebody and show them value upfront before they are going to buy stuff. This is why I always collect the email. You won't hardly see me like link to something for sale.

Occasionally, I will if I am recommending a resource and in that way, you know, it’s so that you can go get it. But, for the most part, I don't ever just go for the sale.

Reason being is that it is proven, if you go look up the statistic online. It takes at least 7 points of contact on average for somebody to make a purchase. And, honestly, I think that is an old stat. I think it takes more these days because people are more skeptical.

So, when you collect the email right, you can continue to follow up with them, with more emails, and more promotions, and more building value to them to lead them to the sale.

So, the first thing you want to do is give away something for free. You know, this could be anything from an eBook, it could be a video course, it could be a cheat sheet which is a one page checklist or something. It really depends on what industry that you are in.

The next thing you want to do is have something that is a lower priced product, usually $7 to let's just call it, $49 bucks. You know, some people will go as high as $97, but I really like the price point of $7 to $49.

Because, at that price point, that is where a lot of people like if they are interested in it, they don't have to do a whole lot of thinking about it.

I like to think of it like you are kind of going to the grocery store, you go through the grocery store line and you see some candy bars or a magazine and say “That looks cool!”, and you grab it, right?

So, that is kind of what it is equivalent online. You don't have to have a lot of thought process, you are not weighing odds in “Is this going to work? Is this going to be a loss of money?” It is really the spendable income that people aren't going to worry about too much.

Now, here is where people go wrong, right? Most people are promoting products, I am going to guess on what I've seen, under a $100 bucks. And, honestly, this is silly. And, the reason why I say this is because you can't really scale a big business without lots, and lots, and lots, of traffic at that price point.

Remember, what I said, when I was telling you that I was kind of stuck at the $5,000 mark, it was because I was just trying to sell things that were like $67 to $97.

And, even though I made some sales, the problem was every single month, I had to constantly get a new flow of customers in the same amount in order to get that $5,000. So, obviously, if I was selling $97, I needed at least 100 customers every single month. Not only is that stressful, it is very hard, right? So, you want to have a mix of products.

So, the next thing you want to do is have something a little more expensive, and this is usually going to be about $197 to say $497, right? And, this is what people usually refer to as the core product.

And, this is what most people are selling. Especially when I look on YouTube, a lot of people are just selling just like their core product, or what their main thing is. And, this works, you can make a lot of money doing that, but you need volume, as I said.

Now, the problem with this, even though this works really well, say somebody is making a lot of money, even selling a $497 thing. They'd make 10 times more money, if they had more products.

And, that is what is called and people call it the “Profit Maximizer”. And, this is something that is $997 plus or better. And, generally a big chunk of your income is going to come from right here. And, that is where you are going to make a lot of money.

Now, what you have above that is high ticket, or what I call ultra high ticket. And, that is usually something that is more like $5,000 plus. And, you know, this is where the biggest chunk of your money is made.

You know, most people think that like even though you make really good money, right here at the $997 level. When you start getting into the $5,000 to $10,000 plus, most of your income comes here.

If you have heard of the 80/20 rule, like 80% of your income, comes from 20% of your customers. And, it wasn't until I really learned this, that my income skyrocketed, right? I used to think it was all about selling more, selling more, and getting more customers.

And, the reason this is not so smart is because of the fact, like, you are going to have people on there, and I am the kind of person honestly, don't buy cheap shit.

If you to try to sell me something, that is like for $7, I would ignore it, I would go straight to the top. And, that is probably because at my point, in my career, I am at the point where things like $997, like $997 is a beginner level price point.

Now, most people are going to say, “I don't even have $997” and what I can tell you is that is a broke mindset. You are thinking since you don't have that money, that other people don't. And, other people have really good jobs, they have income, and they have credit cards they can invest.

And, so for me, I got stuck on selling cheap stuff because I had that broke mindset, right? I was more like here ($7 to $49 level), I was the broke mindset – thinking that because I was broke at the time, that nobody else has money to buy more expensive things.

It was like “I can barely even get by, why the hell would people buy something that is $997 or more.”

And, the first time I actually switched, and I started selling expensive things, like my income just went up like that. It was crazy like I went from struggling to literally like a rocket-ship.

Literally, I went over $30,000 a month. And, the exact like this, I went from $5,000 to $42,000 that month, it was like my mind was blown. And, what was funny, it was from less customers than I sold the cheap stuff.

And, the reason being is, when somebody starts buying something, this is what people refer to as “the buyer in heat.” When people start buying something, they usually have a problem that they are trying to solve, and as long as they have the money, they are willing to buy whatever solution there is to solve it.

It’s like I said, I don't even buy cheap things right now. When I look at something say to invest in my education to grow my business, I literally just say “What is your most expensive package?”

Like, I want the best thing, right now, that will accelerate my results. Because I understand it is an investment. I invest money, I make more money back.

And, there are a lot of people like that. Like, example, like depending where you are at in America, a popular electronics store is called Best Buy.

And, for instance, when I go in there, I am the kind of person that is looking for the best TV, the best computer, the best camera, whatever it is that I am buying. And, there are a lot of people that are like that.

So, if you are right now in the mindset that I have to sell cheap stuff because you are in that same point in your life, and you don't have a lot of spendable income. Realize that this is a big broad world. We are talking about the internet where we have the ability to sell unlimited amounts of things to unlimited amounts of people.

So, why some people are focused on buying cheap stuff, you can cater to the more expensive customers, you know the 20% and make 100 times more money, than trying to cater to the cheaper customers.

So, I want you to realize that – and another thing that is missing here, and this is what I like, is passive income. This is how you really build stability in your business. And, what I mean by passive income, is just recurring income. You do the work once, and you keep making money.

Examples for this could be like membership sites – and you can find membership sites in literally every different industry, not just make money online.

It could be software which is one of my favorites. Like for example for me, a couple of software's that I use are Clickfunnels, and Convertkit. That is a sales funnel builder, and of course my email autoresponder which is to send the emails out.

And, there is like no way in hell that I am going to cancel those. Like my business depends on that model.

So, whoever recommended me to those is getting recurring income, and they have been getting that for well over 2 or 3 years. Just like that, every single month, they are getting income from me, and when combined – between those 2, I pay about $250 a month.

So, somebody has been making about 40%, 50% of that every single month off me, just because they referred me.

So, I want you to realize that this is how you build ultimate income. Like, when I say ultimate income, I am saying “fire your boss” type income – $10,000 plus a month. That will pretty much do it.

Honestly, $10,000 when follow this model is very low. If you listen to me, I was struggling at $5,000, and scaled it up to $40,000, and it did not stop there – it just kept growing.

So, if you want to be able to scale your income. If you want to be able to create a reliable income online, you have to have all this stuff. You got to have recurring products that you are selling, you got to have the freebie.

Creating A Reliable Income Online:

We really should start from the bottom, you got to have the freebie to get people in.

You have to have the the lower tier product which is to qualify a customer to get to become customer. Because this gets this “buyer in heat” right? It gets them to “hold up their hand” and say “Yes, Zach. I am interested”, or “Yes, Bob. I am interested”, or “Yes, Tina. I am interested.”

And, then from there. You go up and offer them something that is a little bit more expensive.

And, then from there, it's something more like coaching or a live event, or something that gives them some more hand holding.

Then of course, the ultra high ticket which I talked about. And, that is usually more “done-for-you services”, helping them implement something. This could be even in the “fitness” industry .

An example of that would be like they “make out your meal plan”, they “make out the exact diet you do”, they “help you work out”.

It doesn't matter what industry you are in. If you look for different platforms, different affiliate programs. There's examples of this in almost every big industry.

Now, with that being said, not all of the price points are going to be the same as we have been talking here, but I want you to get the big picture, here. If you are selling cheap stuff, or if you are just selling recurring income for example, you are missing out the bigger ticket commissions.

If you are selling just big ticket products, I love big ticket and it is my favorite model to sell, but if you are just selling big ticket, you still got to produce those big ticket sales every single month, right?

Compared to, if you also have that recurring income coming in, say you have a recurring of say $3,000 to $5,000 a month, your bills are paid for, you are not stressing out, and you know that, that income is coming in every single month.

And, this is the model that I have been following for the last several years. Like, every single month, I have recurring income that hits my bank account without doing nothing – it just comes in, because I promoted it once and I make the money.

Now, every single month, I got people buying low ticket, I've got people buying mid ticket, and I've got people buying the “profit maximizer” or that is high ticket.

And, I also got people buying “ultra-high ticket”. This is how I scale my income to well above $50,000 a month, is because I have this whole business model in here.

And, what is funny is you don't need that many customers, you just need a handful of customers – remember the 20%, you just need the 20% of people that are actually looking to solve their problems right now. And, that is how you scale your income.

So, for the person that actually asked this, or anybody who is trying to scale their income, if you are looking to build a business the grows very very quickly, you know, this is the key – you need to have a product suite, not just one product.

And, there is no such thing as a perfect product to sell online – there is best “products”, there is multiple products that you should be selling. When you switch to this model, your income will literally skyrocket.

So, if you have not subscribed, as always, go below and hit that “subscribe” button. And, comment below and let me know what you think, or if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. With that being said, I will see you in tomorrow's video.

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