How To Start A Business With No Money- How I Would Make Six Figures From Scratch

In this video blow I will teach you how to start a business with no money. I'm going to share with you the method I would use to make six figures from scratch if I lost everything and had to start all over again.

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Full Transcription Of The Video Below:

Hey, what's going on, guys? Zach Crawford, here. And, in this video, we are going to be talking about how to start a business with no money.

So, I get this question a lot. Somebody inside of my Facebook group basically asked me recently, “You know, Zach, I totally get what you are putting down. I have been watching all of your YouTube videos.

I have been watching your Live Streams and this stuff makes sense. But, the problem is, I don't have any startup capital, I don't have all this money to do all this stuff. And, it is because of the fact that, you know, I don't have a very good job, and I am in debt.”

And, so, I totally resonate with this, because you don't know my story when I first started. I was literally, $50,000 in debt, I got hit by a drunk driver. I wish I could make up that story. You know, it seems like everybody that has made 7-figures on online has this crazy bull shit story, right?

But, unfortunately, I didn't. I didn't have a story that I could make up, it was something that, honestly, it sucked.

It really sucked. With that being said, I feel that it was a blessing because it made me set out on this journey, to figure out how to make money online, and how to change my future. And, so, I had to bootstrap pretty much every step of the way.

So, if you look at me now, and you see that I have this great business. I have, you know, the nice house. I have,you know, the lifestyle that I can go whatever I want and I make money with ease. You don't really probably see the backstory, if you don't know my full story, right?

So, I can resonate with anybody that doesn't really have funds to get started. And, that is what I am going to share with you in this video. Is how to start your business, even if you have no money.

Now, with that being said, understand, that it is going to take a bit of work. It is going to require that you put in the “hustle muscle”, right? But, honestly, I think this is the best business model, and it is still the business model that I am doing to this day.

I am going to share some examples. I am going to flash up on the screen when I talk about different things, so you can see.

Now, with that being said, this whole concept that I am talking about, this is something that I suggest that you get. It is the book Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson, and I am going to link to that below in the description.

You literally can get it for free, plus shipping. It is going to change your life seriously. I am not trying to hype it up, but this is going to make everything make sense on what I am talking about.

So, basically, the book the Expert Secrets is all based on, is the concept of “A Thousand True Fans” by Kevin Kelly. If you have not heard about “The Thousand True Fans”, it is all about creating a tribe of a 1000 people that truly love you and they love what you have to say.

They love following whatever you do – whether its a blog, it's your videos, its your podcast, it's your content that you are putting on social media. And, they will literally follow you to the ends of the world, and buy everything that you sell.

So, what you need to do if you have no money is pick a niche industry, right? Pick something that you are passionate about.

Pick something that you care about. It doesn't have to be anything about teaching people on how to make money online. It doesn't have to be anything in the fitness space, or any of the typical niches that are out there.

You can, literally, can create a hobby. I always like using the quilting niche just because of the fact that I see how much money my mom spends on quilting. She literally buys everything. And, she watches people on YouTube.

Watches them do these tutorials on quilting, and then she buys all these quilting patterns, and fabric, and these cutting tools, and everything, right?

So, this is something we are talking about. You need to pick something that you are passionate about, something you like. I guarantee you, you might not be an expert, and this is what this whole book is basically breaks down (Expert Secrets book).

You might not think that you are an expert in something, but you have knowledge inside of you, you have some kind of thing that you like, or something that you know about.

And, probably, it is something that you immerse yourself in, and all you need to know is a little bit more than the people that you are teaching. You know, everybody gets all caught up on this, “I got to be an expert.” But, nobody comes out of the womb, an expert. You become an expert.

Now, with that being said, here is the concept. Right? When I first started, I literally, as I said, I was $50,000 in debt, and had no money.

I quit my job. I literally had $12,0000 in my bank account, because I sold my truck, and I sold my spare computer, and literally like everything that I didn't need except clothes and a backpack, I got rid of. I literally got rid of everything. And, then went over to the Philippines.

I was doing a lot of freelance work, so basically I was just getting by. I mean I was literally just getting by, by working for other entrepreneurs.

And, I was learning the skills which is great, but I didn't really have any spare money, for the most part, to invest in my business. And, what little money that I did have, I was investing in the tools and the things that were necessary. And, I was doing exactly what I am going to teach you here.

I am going to flash on the screen. As you can see here, when I first started, I was literally doing YouTube videos, and basically, you can see like I didn't even know now to format the video.

It's a tiny little square inside a black box. And, I wasn't using the fancy cameras that I am using today. Like, honestly, it wasn't even as good as my Iphone. It was a webcam on my old MACBook Pro, and I could even figure how to format the video, right?

Now, back then, I was literally just sharing what I was doing. I started, basically, publishing videos, documenting my journey, and I was really catering, at that point, to the “digital nomad” niche.

So, if you don't know what digital nomads are, they are basically travel the world, and basically are focused on making money online, and then to be able to, you know, travel wherever the heck they want, and have freedom.

Now, at that point of time, I was not actually teaching how to make money online. I was just sharing my journey of, like, building my affiliate marketing business, and doing the different things that I was doing.

And, so, as you can see, as I showed you, the videos were horrible. And, so, at the end of the day, all I was doing is sharing my journey and documenting what I was doing, and what happened was I started to build up this tight little niche of people that were following me.

And, what happened, because of the fact that I was sharing content, I was just giving freely of what I was doing. I was not trying to perceive myself as an expert. The byproduct of that. people started looking at me as the expert. Does that make sense?

So, basically what I was doing was I was sharing what I was doing. And, these people who come to like me, they were joining my Facebook group, following me on social media, reading my blog. And, literally, they started to look at me as an expert.

So, another example here, is I started a blog. And, this is actually, if I go back and think about it. I started my blog – psychologically unemployable – before I actually started doing videos, right?

I started it before doing videos because I was terrified of videos. And, so, I want you to understand that it does not matter whether you want to do videos, or you want to do blogs, you know, either way, you can build an audience.

And, so, this particular blog post that I am showing you right now, is one where I documented living in the Philippines and how to live in the Philippines. And, it was not anything about making money, it was literally documenting how I lived there.

I talked about, you know, how I was making money online as far as that point of time, I was starting to slowly get into affiliate marketing, and learn how to build passive income online. But, all that I was doing was documenting my journey.

This blog post literally has 125 comments, and people still post on it to this day asking me questions about “How they can live over in the Philippines”. And, that was all that I was doing.

I was documenting my journey and sharing what I was doing, and giving tips and everything. And, then what I do is I recommend tools, I recommend, you know, programs, I recommend training programs that I was learning to do all this stuff.

And, by doing that, over a course of a period of 6 to 12 months, I created a 6-figure business going from being broke, and barely getting by, to creating a business that would actually replace your day job income, and obviously give yourself a nice life.

Now, I still apply that same process that I do today to create a 7-figure business.

I want you to think right now, if you have no money, it is not an excuse to stop yourself from getting started. Now, what you are going to have to trade is your time.

You going to have to trade by sharing tips and injecting your personality of who you are, and the struggles that you are going through, the pains, and the frustrations. And, what this does, is it makes people attract to you.

It makes them see that you are real. And, makes them see that you are an Attractive Character which in this book, he talks about that (ref: Expert Secrets).

Basically, an Attractive Character is somebody that people can resonate with. They see somebody like them. They see somebody that they can aspire to be.

And, at the end of the day, I want you to think about this right now, let's say that you wanted to go into the “fitness” niche, and you are overweight.

I love using this example, because I have had people in the past do this. They wanted to go into the fitness niche because they loved fitness. They used to be in great shape, and go overweight. I did the same thing. I was massively overweight.

And, basically, what the started doing is documenting their journey, literally on YouTube and their blog on what they were doing.

You know, what was their daily routine? What did they eat in order to lose the weight? What kind of supplements were they taking? You know, what kind of struggles did they go through mentally?

And, when they were doing this, in the process, people were buying supplements through their affiliate links. Affiliate links are basically you are recommending the somebody else's product, and when they buys, you get paid.

And, over the journey, they become super shredded and got into great shape, and build this tight niche tribe, and now they have an audience that they don't have to be an affiliate, if they don't want to.

They could even sell their own products. They can survey everybody, and figure out what are you struggling with? And, what's holding you back? And, they can create their own digital product and sell that.

So, I want you to think right now, if you don't have money, start building an audience. Because what most people don't realize – the most important concept that you can do is build an audience. It's not sell products.

It's not to make money. Its to build an audience. Because when you have the Attention which is the audience, you can sell anything. You can recommend affiliate products, you can recommend your own products.

You could recommend, you know, anything that you would possibly want to recommend, and you are going to have your 1000 true fans, and they are going to buy everything from you.

This is how I built my 7-figure business. It wasn't over having a massive massive audience, it was over creating an audience that liked me, an audience that trusted me, and an audience that looked for me for help and advice.

And, still till this day, people still message me everyday saying, “Hey, Zach. What do you think about this?”, “Hey, Zach. This is my situation, where you think I should start?”

And, because I have been documenting my journey over the years, I created content, and sharing what I was doing, I built that 1000 true fans that trust me, that keep buying from me year after year, month after month, right?

And, that is what I want you to realize, that you don't need money to get started. Now, I highly suggest, faster than possible, that you figure out how to come up with the extra money – you do some freelancing, you work some extra hours in the job to invest in the business – it will speed up the process.

But, there is absolutely no reason to be not be able to build your business. Will it take a little bit more time? Yes. Will it take more “hustle muscle”? Yes. Will it stop you from being successful? Absolutely not.

Like, honestly, if you are willing to put in the work, and you are willing to build the tribe, you can start right now. Start building your audience and making money, and reinvesting it to your business scaling it up to much much bigger numbers.

So, with that being said, I hope that you see that not having money is not an excuse. Not having money is not going to stop you from getting you to where you want to be. It just means that you are going to have to put in a little bit more time, and really focus on creating content, and creating an audience that trust you. And, over time, you can turn that into a very very profitable business.

So, with that being said, if you enjoyed this video. You know, make sure that you go below and hit the “subscribe” button. Smash that notification bell so that you get notified when I drop new videos. And, if you have a comment, throw it below, I will be happy to answer.

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