How To Create A Sales Funnel Even If You’re Not An Expert Markter

Why Should I Read This?

I'm sure you value your time just like I value mine so I will let you know upfront why this is worth devoting 10 minutes of your time to read.

If you want to 10x your lead generation efforts by making a simple tweak in your marketing this will be beneficial to you.

If you want to learn how to create a sales funnel that will sell your products without needing to be an expert marketer or overcomplicating the process then this article will be beneficial to you.

If you want to have your customers buy your products and thank you for selling it to them then this article will be beneficial to you.

If you want to create repeat customers then this article will be beneficial to you.

If you want to see the same process I've used to generate over a million dollars online then this article will be beneficial to you.

Okay, I think you get the point let's jump in….

Marketers Screw Up Everything!

Gary Vaynerchuk says “Marketers screw up everything”, I 100% agree.

Before we can dive into this post I need to get you thinking properly….

Hold your hand up if this ever happened to you.

You was just scrolling through your newsfeed and something caught your eye so you click it because the headline grabbed your attention, you read what the person is offering you and decide “Yea, I want this!”, enter your email and BAM, you're hit with a $7 product to buy.

You're thinking “WTF, I just wanted what I subscribed for”.

You say no thanks and you're now presented with an exit pop as you try to leave the page saying “Wait, I have a special offer for you”.

Then as you go to your inbox you have someone you don't know once again offering you a product for sale.

As the weeks go on you continue to get bombarded everyday with offer after offer to buy one of their different products or affiliate products they're promoting.

Sadly, this is what 99% of people are doing and what most marketers are teaching.

You have to ask yourself how does this make you feel when you go through this experience?

Now do you think your customers enjoy it?

I would like to present you with a smarter way of doing things that will take a small email list and turn it into BIG profits.

In this blog post I'm going to show you how to get hyper engagement from your list, increase your sales and have your customers love you for selling them the solution to their problem. (This is not theory, I've made over a million dollars online doing exactly what i'm teaching you here).

To top it off I'm going to show you how to setup a simple sales funnel without overcomplicating things like most people try to convince you that you need to do or your marketing will fail.

It doesn't make sense for you to setup a 20 step sales funnel if you've never built a simple sales funnel and got it to work.

Can we agree?

A little foreplay goes a long way

In any relationship(the quality ones) there are a few stages you must go through if you want the relationship to last and grow.

If we compare this to marriage it will make it a little bit easier to understand.

You usually have to go on several dates to build up some trust, get to know each other better and establish if you're a good fit for a relationship.

As the relationship develops you get more comfortable with each other and when things feel just right you finally take things to the final stage(marriage).

Now when we flip back to business most marketers are treating their customers like one night stands. They just want to get as much money as possible without establishing any type of trust or relationship.

One night stands can be fun(if that's your thing), but they don't last like a marriage.

Most marketers are marketing to the 5% of the people who are ready to buy right now, but they're turning off the 95% of people who aren't ready to make a purchase “just yet”.

With a little effort you can convert a large percentage of the 95% that most people are ignoring.

I don't know about you, but I like the 95% margin more than the 5%.

A business doesn't thrive on one time purchases. To grow a big business you need loyal customers who become repeat buyers.

To do this you need to do the opposite and think the opposite of what you see most people in your marketplace doing.

How to build an email list that keeps buying

If you want to create a profitable email list it's going to require a shift in your thinking.

You need to focus on building a strong relationship first and selling second.

We want to focus on delivering value to your potential customer first by pre-educating them and then when the timing is right you will present them with the solution to their problems.

You will notice I don't have banners for my products to buy, I don't plaster my blog with affiliate links and I'm not trying to sell you anything, but I generate a very high six figure income(no brag) following what i'm about to lay out for you.

By following this method you get people who respond to your marketing like below because it doesn't feel like marketing. It feels like they made the choice themselves.

Some of the people above have bought everything I've sold including $10,000 + products and services. That doesn't happen without building trust first.

So with that being said I'm going to take you step by step through my basic sales funnels that consistently make me sales every single day once I set them up.

Note: You can always add in more advanced steps, email automation based on how someone responds and all the bells and whistles, but it doesn't make sense until you understand the basics of how sales funnels work and prove that your funnel is converting leads into sales.

My goal for you in this post is not to confuse you. The goal is to help you create a funnel that will build a strong relationship with your subscribers by delivering massive value upfront and then offering them the chance to do business with you by showing them the solution to their problems.

When you follow what I teach you here you don't need to be an expert marketer and can still make this very profitable. If you follow my email sequencing training inside of my FREE 10 day email course you will be able to get people to respond to your marketing like this.

The screenshot above is just what I could fit in the image.

I had 3 pages of replies(100 + people) telling me to give them the paypal link to purchase before the cart was even open. I had no sales page, no order form or any fancy marketing for them to even look at before purchasing. Just a description in the email of what they will get and a direct paypal link to send payment.

When you focus on delivering value first and pre-educating your customer you build something that no marketing method can compete with…. “TRUST”.

Once people trust you it becomes easy to sell anything.

This is a result I've created over and over again by showing you exactly what i'm teaching you in this post.

What you will need:

We want to keep your sales funnel simple because the more pieces you add to the puzzle the more complex it becomes to track what's working and what's not working.

My sales funnel consist of just a handful of pieces:

People looking to solve a problem- Some people will refer to this as traffic, but I like to call it what it is. We are looking to put our marketing in front of real people that are searching for how to solve their problem. All you have to do is provide them with the solution.

A product to sell- Either your own product or an affiliate product you want to promote.

Blog post- A piece of content focused on one key topic of interest your readers want.

“One problem and one solution to that problem”

A Strategic Freebie- Most people refer to this as a content upgrade.

Basically this is an optin that is strategically aligned with the blog post. The example in this post is my FREE 10 day email course. I'm currently walking you through the basics of how I setup my sales funnels, but in my free email course I break everything down in extreme detail how I automate my lead generation process and convert those people into paying customers.


If your blog post was about losing weight with juicing then you could offer an optin with your “12 best smoothie recipes”.

Email sequence- This is where the automation comes into play. We focus on engaging, entertaining and pre-educating our customers and then offer them the solution to solve their problem(your product).

This is the overview of what it looks like. Don't let this get you overwhelmed, it's a lot easier to put together than you think. I break it down for you inside of my free email course.

People looking to solve a problem

One of the most important factors to a sales funnel is the audience you're trying to market to and help.

If you don't understand these people on a deep level and actually take the time to figure out what they want, they will completely ignore you. People care about themselves.

Your ideal customer is currently at point A(where they're now) and they want to get to point B(their desired outcome).

All you need to do is help them inch a little closer to solving their problem and you've won their trust and moved them closer to purchasing your product.

I start out all of my sales funnels by figuring out what is the “ONE BIG THING” people struggle with in my niche.

If you have an audience like I do you can just ask them. I use both my email list to do this and my Facebook Group.

Now If you don't have an audience already there is a very easy way to figure out what people struggle with, what they're searching for online and then you can create it for them.

When you don't have an audience you simply find competitors who have the customers you want.

Step 1: Look for competitors Fan Pages

Step 2: Look at the posts they make on their fan pages and what topics resonate with the audience. A big indicator is people liking, sharing and commenting on the post.

Step 3: Find Facebook groups that are relevant to your niche and join the most popular ones. Look at the questions people are asking and note them down.

Step 4: Google your niche + forum

Find the popular forums in your niche and join them. Look around for the common questions people are trying to solve.

Step 5: Google your niche + keyword variations

Look for popular sites in your niche and look for the topics they cover the most. Read the comments on the blog post and note down any common questions you see people asking.

Step 6: Apply the same process to Youtube as you did with Google.

Now that you've compiled a list of ideas from doing your research you should have a good idea of what your ideal customer is looking for online and what kind of problems they have.

This will come in handy for creating your blog post and email sequence later.

Your product you will sell

What you choose to sell or promote to your list is completely up to you, but I will share my basic process.

I start with the audience like I showed you above and look for the big problem they're struggling with.

Once I have that knowledge I then find an affiliate product that will help them solve that problem or I create the product myself.

When you build out your email sequence later the way I teach you then it makes the product a no brainer for your customer to purchase.

The Blog Post (The top of your funnel)

Most people start out their funnels with a squeeze page just to get the email, but in my opinion this is skipping a crucial step in the relationship like I mentioned before.

Your blog post is the very first step in your sales funnel.

It's used to attract your audience, pre-sell your lead magnet(your freebie to get the email) and to warm people up to you.

Remember this isn't about going straight for the kill, it's all about building a loyal customer who becomes a repeat customer.

You want to take the information you researched above and create an epic blog post dropping your best knowledge around one of the biggest problems your audience is looking to solve.

You don't want to hold back here. Give them your best stuff.

At the current moment this blog post is 2000 words deep and I got more for you.

If you're currently struggling with ideas of what kind of blog post to create these are two of my favorite:

  • Detailed caste studies
  • How to posts

At the same time you should be thinking about additional information or resources you can package up and offer to your readers to get them to subscribe to your email list and get them into your funnel.

For any blog posts I focus on driving traffic to I create a strategic optin that is relevant to the information they're already reading.

You want to link to your optin throughout your content like you see me doing in this very article as well as offer your free giveaway at the end of the article.

Which brings me to our next step.

A Strategic Freebie (AKA content upgrade)

A content upgraded is a strategically aligned freebie you offer the reader to get them to subscribe to your email list.

You will see on my blog I have some generic optins, but they don't convert very high.

Most people are happy with 2-3% optin rate on their freebies on their blog. To me that is just pathetic.

When I started implementing content upgrades I seen optin rates on average of 20%-60%.

The reason these convert so high is because when someone is reading a blog post on how to lose weight with juicing and then you offer them your best smoothie recipes it's a no brainer.

If they spent the time to read the blog post the logical next step is for the person to find recipes to try it themselves.

This blog post is all about how to create a automated sales funnel that turns readers into subscribers and subscribers into customers.

My content upgrade is my 10 day email series that will walk you step-by-step through my whole process to attract your audience and convert them into paying customers.


A content upgrade can be a PDF, cheatsheet, swipe file, video, video series, email series or anything of value to your customer.

My best content upgrades are email or video series which dive deep into the topic I just taught in more detail.

When you implement the sequence properly you create an influx of buyers and people are happy to purchase your product like I showed you in the screenshot earlier in this post.

Email Sequencing

If you're still with me then this is the part you really want to pay attention to.

Once someone subscribes to your content upgrade this is where the magic happens.

The moment someone enters their email they will go through an email sequence that is designed to build trust, deliver value upfront and pre-educate them on how the product you're promoting can help them solve their problem.

You do this by moving them one step closer to making a purchase on their own with each email in the series. Let me rephrase that.

Your focus isn't to go for the sell soon as they subscribe, it's to build goodwill throughout your email sequence, engage them and make them desire your product to help them solve their problem.

When I look at most peoples sales funnels it's very obvious to me why they're not making sales.

The common problems I see:

  • Trying to sell the moment someone subscribes to their email list.
  • Only presenting their product once at the end of their sequence.
  • Giving away tons of value, but not asking for the money.

There is a delicate balance and when you do it right it will create an influx of sales in your business consistently day in and day out.

So let me walk you through my funnel step by step.

When someone subscribes to my email list they won't be hit with a pitch, but instead they land on a page where I thank them for subscribing, introduce myself, let them know their download is on it's way to their email inbox and finally I ask them to connect with me on social media.

That's right, I start the relationship out by greeting them just like you would any relationship in real life 🙂

Once they're on my email list they go through a email series usually between 5-10 emails.


The sequence is like this:

Help me help you? – One of the best ways to learn about your audience is to give them the chance to write you and tell you what they want.

The first email in my sequence is to build rapport, show them I'm different from what they're used to seeing and that I actually value them and will respond if they write me.

When you actually respond you will see responses like this because your competition isn't willing to put in the effort.

Value email 1-This is pure value training. The whole goal is help educate your customer and give them a taste of what to expect from you.

Value email 2- Same as email 1

Pitch email- A pitch email is just a soft pitch to intro them about what you have for sale. My goal with this email is to deliver good training and then intro my product so they're aware I have a product that can help them.

Value email 3- Just more pure value training to build the relationship and pre-educate them about your product.

Pitch email- Same as the first pitch email. You have valuable content and then present your product for sale.

Hard pitch- Now when I say hard pitch I don't mean hard pitch how most people refer to it. This is email is designed to go for the sale, but you also answer all of their common questions and objections and let them know why they need the product.

It's important to note you can create this funnel with emails, blog posts or a variation of content.

When done right it will both generate you leads and sales daily without doing any additional work once you set everything up.

If you want to see this process in acton and learn how to implement this into your business then just click the image below to get the free course.

If you have any questions along the way feel free to reach out for help 🙂

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