How To Create A Sales Funnel That Makes $1K Per Day

In this video blog post I will be teaching you how to create a sales funnel that makes $1k per day.

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Hey, what’s going on?

Zach Crawford, here. In this video, we are going to be talking about how to create a sales funnel that will make at least $1,000 per day.

Keep in mind, what I am going to share with you is based on affiliate marketing as what I am teaching you in this model because that is my main business model, and that is what I focus on, and what I have used to create my 7-figure empire.

With that being said, I create my own products. So, this process is the same thing for creating your own products. So, even, if you are trying to use this, or figure out how to do it for your own products, this is basically the set up that you want to do.

Now, another thing that I wanted to preface is in what I am teaching you, you have two ways of doing it. One, you can create most of this stuff yourself. Or, two, you can actually go out there and find products that have a lot of this set up for you.

And, I want to walk you through the process, talk about some basic tools on how you can do it, and of course, I am going to draw it on the whiteboard. So, just ignore this whole ladder thing, here in a minute. It will make sense in just a second.

Now, before I get started, just in case you are saying “Yeah, you are talking about a $1,000 a day sales funnel, anybody can talk about that, Zach.”

I want to, basically flash up on the screen right now, and I want to show you basically, this is just one of my offers that I promote that had made over 36,000 just the last month. Now, this offer, varies between roughly about 30ish to $70,000 a month, at different times, depending on how hard I actually push it.

And, you know, occasionally it will drop below $30,000, sometimes it will below a $1,000 a day. But, what I want to show you, that what I am teaching you is not just theory, it is stuff that I actually do, it is stuff that I practice, and it is stuff that I use every single day.

So, with that being said, now that you know that I am not full of shit, right? If you are brand new to the channel, go below right now and hit the “subscribe” button, smash that notification bell so that you get notified when I drop new videos.

And, now, let's jump in. So, basically, what I want to do is I want to walk you through and share with you the process of what you need to do if you want to make $1,000 a day with affiliate marketing and sales funnels, right?

So, one of the things that most people make the mistake of doing is – I talked about this in my video, I believe was yesterday – times runs together pretty much. Is, basically, you need a suite of products. You need multiple tiers of products.

And, you can make $1,000 a day on one product, it is possible. But, for the most part, it is 10 times easier when you have multiple products in ascension in a sales funnel. And, basically, this is what we call the “Value Ladder” which I am about to draw out here.

Russell Brunson actually coined this term. And, it is basically, offering multiple tiers of products to your customers based on their needs at the current moment, and what they are looking for.

So, there are some of your customers, for example, that want to buy just, like, cheaper things.

Smaller tier things, stuff like books, you know, baseline information products, baseline services that are cheaper. Then, there is going to be more of the premium customers, and I consider myself as premium customer, that buys the really expensive stuff.

You know, when I first started out, I was kind of the person who went through and bought everything.

As I had the money to say at least. And, now I am kind of the customer that I just usually want to skip to the top and buy the most expensive thing. I still do buy things like books and stuff like that.

But, I don't really buy some of the more lower and mid tier products that we are going to talk about. I just jump straight to the top.

So, the reason why I am telling you this, and I want you to realize that not every single customer is the same.

A perfect example to think about this is looking at PC's versus MAC. I like both, so that you know. I am actually looking at building a custom PC pretty soon to edit all my videos. But, for right now, you can't see it, it's right below this, like, my laptop is like a $4500 MAC, right?

I have been using MAC for the last 6 or 7 years since I got in internet marketing.

And, I love Apple computers. But, if you compare apples to oranges, right, you compare, basically, Apple to PC, you are going to see a big difference in price. Like, if you actually look at PC, you can get way more for your money than you can for the same equivalent in a MAC.

Now, of course, the screen is beautiful and it functions great, yes. But, if you are comparing what you get either way, like at the end of the day, you get more with a PC.

Now, what I am saying this for is the fact if you look at Apple, they are premium buyers. They don't really care about the cost, they don't justify that I can get more in a PC. They just want Apple. And, they spend stupid amounts of money on it.

I, literally, if I – look I got my Ipad right here that I am drawing on the screen with, I got my I phone X right there, and laptop there. I have another Apple computer in another room. I have 2 or 3 more Apple computers throughout the house. So, just right there, we are well over $12,000 to $13,000, right?

And, the point being is don't think the answer is to just sell cheap things. If you want to be able to make a $1,000 a day, you need more expensive products. I am not saying that you can't make a $1,000 a day with cheap stuff, but you are going to need to sell a lot of it, and have a lot of customers, and it is way harder.

It is so much easier to sell multiple products, to the same customer, right?

Because, once, somebody buys something from you, as long as you are not screwing them over, as long as you are selling them good stuff that are going to help them, solve their problems, and get whatever the want by spending their money, they are going to buy more things. And, that is why having these multiple tiers is very very valuable.

So, I want to walk you through basically, how my business works, and how, like, literally creating a $1,000 a day sales funnels is very easy. I have multiple ones of these. And this is the process.

Stage 1 – Free Content

So, the first thing that we are going to start out with, in my opinion, is free content. I know there are a lot of people just don't want to do this, but I think honestly, this particular thing, free content, is absolutely crucial. And, like without it, you don't have any type of trust or relationship.

So, let's qualify really quick what free content is. This could be things like, you know, a blog if you like to write. It could be YouTube videos which is my favorite. It could be podcast.

You know, it could be Instagram content. Pinterest. You know, literally, we have so many different platforms that we can build our audience on and create free content that builds good will.

And, the reason why this is important, is because of the fact, if you don't have any type of relationship, you haven't given anything for free to show that you can help somebody or you can add value to their lives.

It's going to be 10 times harder to sell things to them. Your conversions are going to be way lower, and you are going to need way more traffic.

You know, I had one coaching student who had just 1,000 people, and I know now he is at 2500, but at that current moment, he has a 1,000 subscribers, email subscribers, and he made a 6-figure income with a 1,000 people.

This goes back to the whole concept, if you have ever heard of “A thousand true fans”. Where basically, you have 1,000 true fans that love you and literally buy everything that you sell, follow you around the world, and like literally, you know, be on every social media platform.

And, it is so incredibly true. You don't need a big audience, right, you need an engaged audience that likes you. And, when you do this, it is so much easier to do this whole process that I am basically breaking down for you.

If you try to skip this, and don't create free content. You know, you are going to have to be an amazing marketer. I don't care if you have the world's best product, you will have to know copywriting, you will have to be amazing at sales funnels, you will have to be very good at email follow up, you have to be very good at traffic and everything in order to do this.

And, you will need way more, way way way more customers, or I should say traffic, than somebody who does this process and starts with the free content.

Stage 2 – Freebie

Now, the second stage is what I call the freebie. And, you notice that there is a trend right here. Free content, Free giveaway. So, the freebie is basically like just like it said, its a free giveaway in order to get the email.

So, this could be like an eBook. I am not an eBook fan, personally, I don't read them, so therefore, I don't make them. I prefer video because I can talk way better and way faster.

And, honestly, people love videos now, right? So, it could be a video course. Or, even, one video, it does not have to be a course. It could be audio, if you're into audio, people give away those too. It could be a cheat sheet.

And, basically, the whole point of this is just to get the email. And, the reason why you want the email is because of the fact that you can follow up with the customer.

I talked about this in my video yesterday, it usually takes an average of 7 points of contact. It is proven, and I think that is an outdated stat – it take more than 7 points of contact.

Because we are in such a world now that there is so much information that is freely available out there. Its like people are skeptical, right?

And, so, the more that you can get in front of the person, the easier it is going to sell. Like, you would lose so much money. Lose so much money if all you are doing is running traffic to an offer.

And what a lot of people do, and I always use this for both affiliate marketers and people that are in Shopify and Drop Shipping.

A lot of people, their whole goal is arbitrage. They spend a bunch of money on traffic, run a bunch of traffic to the offer, and hope that they make more than they spend. This is a horrible business model, right?

When you collect the emails, what happens is not only can you convert more of those people into customers. But, you can keep selling those customers more stuff as the years go on – year 1, year 2, year 3.

I have some customers that have been buying from me for 5 straight years, and it is because I have their email. If I did not have a way to follow up with them, and contact them, this wouldn't happen.

Stage 3 – Low Priced Offer (Entry Offer)

So, the next level is, like, and I hate this, and a lot of people call this the “trip wire”. And, I don't use the word tripwire because for me it is kind of insulting.

Its like you are tripping the customers as they walk through the door like you are tricking them. Like for me, I just call it a “low priced product” right? Or, basically, your “entry offer.”

So, usually this product, you are going to sell it between roughly, depending what market you are in, between $7 and $50 bucks. Personally, anything in those price points, these price points, the whole point of it, it is like an entry level product. And, basically, this is going to be very specific. Very very specific.

An example that we could use for here, is like if you were a Facebook Ad consultant, right? Say, you taught Facebook Advertising. And, we’re obviously, brainstorming a scenario, and we create our own products here.

But, it works the same thing – affiliate marketing works for the same thing for creating your own products.

So, let's just say, for easier points, because I know most of the people that are following my channel are affiliate marketers. This is an entry level product that basically teaches Facebook Advertising, right?

But, it is not going to be, like, everything. It's not going to be the master suite of teaching Facebook Advertising.

It is going to be very specific – like how to do maybe let's call it “lead Ads”. “How to launch your first Facebook Campaign with the leads Ads feature in order to generate leads.”

And, so what is would be, it would be something that is very very specific. It is something that is going to solve a problem, right now. It is going to help them get what they want which is leads, and it is going to be very specific.

It's not going to be overwhelming teaching them the analytics and diving into Facebook Insights, and tracking, and all this stuff that would blow their mind up. It is just solving a very specific problem. It is just to get a customer through the door, to show them that the product has value and it can help them.

Stage 4 – The Core Offer (Comprehensive Course)

Now, the next step would be what people call “The Core Offer.” or the “Core Product.” Now, this can vary depending on markets, right? You know, it annoys me when they think it's just the “make money online” industry, what works there, works the same in every other industry. It's just not true.

But, a core product could be something ideally from, you know, $50 bucks on up to say $500. This is going to be more of a comprehensive course.

So, it is really going to break down, like, more of how to implement everything, and go over it. And, really like “How to go over Facebook Advertising” – this course would pretty much teach everything, right? And, this is the one that most people are going to focus on.

A lot of people are trying to skip here from “free content” straight to the “core product.” They don't want to do free content. They don't want to build a list. They are just linking to their $500 product.

It works, and you can get sales. But, like I said, you are missing out on a lot. Because a lot of people are not just going to drop $500 bucks on you, when they don't trust you. They are not going to do that. (Ref: Note #2 on Sales Funnel Diagram at end of transcript)

And, understand, really quick, so that we can go back a step. A sales funnel is going to be put together to ascend to each one of these steps. Once the “freebie” is there, the next step is going to align them to sell the low priced product.

Then, the next step is to sell them the core product. It's going to help the customer ascend up the ladder. And, that is why we have the whole ladder here, right?

You don't just sell them everything in one day. It walks them through the process. Some of this is with emails, sometimes its with phone, sometimes its with a webinar.

But, like I said, you can either create this yourself, of course, if you are product creator. Or, my suggestion is you basically, you just create these first 2 steps – the free content & the freebie, and then let the other offers be done by the affiliate product that you are promoting, or affiliate program that you are promoting.

There are tons of them out there that you can find to do this. A perfect example of a great product that can do a lot of this is the Clickfunnels affiliate program, if you are not aware of it.

Literally, once you sell a free book, then from there, they are put in the funnel, and they are pushed to the different products as they are ready for them.

Stage 5 – Your High Ticket Offer (The Master Course)

Now, the next one is going to be your high ticket offer, right? And, this one is going to be your master suite. So, I said, the first one was more of a comprehensive course to go over different things.

But, this is going to be between, you know, $997 to probably like $2,000 bucks.

Now, obviously, if you are in a different market, it might be much lower. You may be thinking “Zach, the market that I am in is, I am in “fitness” and we can't do this.” You can sell something from $1,000 to $2,000 bucks, if you look out there in the fitness market.

Now, generally, depending on what market you are in, it could be a little bit different. Maybe the tiers that I am showing you, you step a tier down in order to equal the same thing. It can be done.

So, I am going to go back to the Facebook Advertising thing, if you are promoting a whole suite of Facebook Advertising, right? So, maybe, here, this would be, like, the Master Course. And, this is going to cover everything.

I mean it is going to cover everything from doing it for, you know, affiliate internet marketing, it could teach you for getting clients, it could teach it in eCommerce. So, it’s the master suite to teach you everything that you can possibly need to know about that.

Stage 6 – Live Event

Now, the next level would be like a Live Event, right? And, this could be anywhere from, and these price points, vary, right? It could be anywhere from $997 to $5000. And, that is going to depend on the level of the event.

Obviously, if it is an event like 1,000's of people, you are probably looking like the $997, maybe the $1500 bucks depending on what industry that you are in.

Now, if you are looking like an event that is more like a workshop. Say, like, it’s 20 people, 50 people, and you are learning directly from the mentor, where they are literally going up to you and answering all of your questions and helping you. Then, it could be higher to like $5,000 bucks.

Stage 7 – Coaching

Now, the next level, is going to be more like coaching, right? This is going to be like coaching, and this is going to be like anywhere from $5,000, and obviously depending on what market, it could be less.

I have some people that are coaching students that their coaching programs are $500 bucks. And, it is because their industry doesn't buy super super expensive stuff. So, remember, it is relative, but this is how the sales funnel works to get you there.

So, say it $5,000 to say $25K. Obviously, depending on what industry that you are in, it is going to make a difference. This is more like one-to-one coaching, and working with you. And, it doesn't have to be in a live setting, but it could be online or Skype or something like that.

Stage 8 – “Done-For-You” (DFY, Ultimate Tier)

Then the Ultimate Tier, is the “Done-For-You”. This is stuff like services, right? And, this is things like, for instance, say the Live Event was $997 to $5,000,

And, that is where you go there to learn how to implement your Facebook Ads. The coaching is more like somebody, the coach gets on there with you, and they go over how to implement your Facebook Ads, you know, one-to-one. It is not in a group setting. Its one-to-one attention, where you have the attention of the coach where they work with you.

And, then, of course, the DFY – the “Done-For-You” which is services and they do it for you. They literally implement it for you.

This could be anything like in the Facebook Ads space, the average Facebook Ads coach charges $10,000 a month, in order to do it for you, and that is to run your Ads. And, that's plus also the cost of Ad spend which is on you.

So, This Is An Example Of How To Get To $1,000 A Day

So, this is an example of, like, how to get to $1,000 a day. Now, with that being said, if you have a really good funnel, I want to show you how easy this is. Now, this whole funnel here, I wanted to show you the whole process of what it looks like. So, you would understand how a really good sales funnel works.

But, if you actually had up to right here, just the high ticket where you would have the $997 product. (Stages 1 to 5) You can literally make more than a $1,000 a day just having the ascension ladder up to the high ticket or like something like a $997 sold.

You know, there is even funnels that say like you can promote an auto-webinar funnel, right? Like, you have for instance a product that you are promoting, and the person, the product vendor, has a product that is $997 and they let you promote there auto-webinars, and say you get 50%. That is literally 2 sales, and you get 50%, which would be $500, bam, there is your $1,000, right? (Ref: Note #3 on Sales Funnel Diagram at end of transcript)

But, ideally, you want to promote something that also once you go and sell that product, you are in the funnel, right? Your customer is in the funnel, and now when that person sells more products, you are getting more of these.

So, maybe, 6 months from now, right, this is how it works. Say, for instance, you promoted the auto-webinar, and you made your 2 sales a day which is not very hard to be quite honest.

Now, they are in the funnel, and now if the person sold them say a Live Event, bam, you are getting commissions. If that person later, at some point bought the core product, because they didn't have the core product. Now, bam, you are making a commission on that.

Eventually, if they end up buying coaching, right, now you are getting a commission off of that.

If you want to make a $1,000 a day as an affiliate like my suggestion is, of course, it is great to have individual products that make you say $50 bucks, or $100 bucks, or $200 bucks.

But, look for affiliate products in your industry that have what is called “sticky cookies”. and, “sticky cookies” are basically, the process where you sell one thing, that person is coded to you. Now, anytime, they buy a second thing, third thing, fourth thing, over time as they are ready for it, bam, you get paid.

A lot of the programs that like the one that I showed you earlier, somebody may buy it just like a $7 tripwire, right?

Once, again, I hate the tripwire. Let’s just say, they bought a $7 entry product, and it could of been 6 months ago, then for whatever reason, they decide to buy a $1,000 product or $2,000 product, or go to a Live Coaching Event for $5 grand. It literally pays me 6 months down the line.

Remember what I said, it takes multiple points of contact. And, a good sales funnel doesn't necessarily mean you are going to make money today promoting it. A good sales funnel, when it is put in place, will make you money all throughout the year.

The person is going to buy at different points of time, as they are ready for it.

If you think about it, let's say, like, the $10,000 Coaching Program, right? Not everybody has 10 G's right now. But, maybe for example they were going and learning Facebook Ads, and they started making some decent money.

And, they said “You know what, I have learned how to make $1,000 a day from running Facebook Ads from this course. I think that I want to attend their group coaching program in person for 10 grand, and now learn how to do this, like, at a higher level.”

And, you get paid. See what I am saying. When you have a sales funnel in place, you are going to keep getting paid every single day. (Ref: Notes #4 & #5 showing further customer sales on Sales Funnel Diagram above.)

And, what a lot of people really make the mistake of doing, or looking at the big picture of how a sales funnel works to get to a $1,000 a day. They think everything is where they do the work today, and they get paid today, right?

What happens is some of the times when you putting in place, once it compounds and builds momentum, you start making money literally every single day.

That is why I like the work that you are putting in now, and you are driving traffic, getting people your offers. If you have a good sales funnel in place, that thing will make you money around the clock – literally while you are sleeping, while you are on vacation.

A lot of the things that I put in place, it continues to make me money and I don't do anything.

Like for instance, the screenshot that I showed you earlier, I have not touched that thing in well over a year, and it still spits out cash. And, it is because I put the sales funnel in place, and my sale funnel.

If we go one step down really quick. My sales funnel looked like this. It was a free offer, they opt in.

And we have email #1, email #2, email #3, and so on, right? And, of course, it linked to basically the “entry offer”, and then bam, it got put into that amazing sales funnel that I just talked about. Basically, it ascends them up. That's it.

My part was creating a free giveaway, and a few emails, and then the people that buy the entry product, from there I don't do anything. It literally takes over, and throughout the year, as people buy different products, they start going to the events, they buy higher level coaching, they purchase traffic services, or whatever it may be that they buy. I collect the ticket, every single time.

And, so you can either create it yourself, or can learn how to basically, you know, leverage other people's stuff which is what I suggest especially if you are a new affiliate to scale your income. And, it is going to allow you to do it 10 times quicker.

Now, with that being said, if you enjoyed this training, below, I actually have training on how to basically create an entry level sales funnel. I don't suggest, honestly, unless you are a product creator, that you try to create all that stuff.

Because it's pretty stressful, lots of headaches, and takes a lot of work.

But, if you are just looking to scale your affiliate income, or you are looking to start an affiliate marketing business, and be able to make the kind of income like your own products, the training below will teach you how to do that. It will teach you how to basically build the set up so that it leads in so it can generate a $1,000 plus per day.

So, with that being said, if you enjoyed this and have not hit that “subscribe” button yet, make sure that you smash that “subscribe” button because I will be dropping videos like this on this channel every single day. And, if you have any questions, and if something didn't make sense, and like “Ok, I don't understand how this quite worked”. Comment below, and I will be happy to answer your question.

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