Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel- How To Create A Simple Funnel

In this video blog post I will teach you how to create an affiliate marketing sales funnel to 10x your affiliate sales.

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Full Transcription Of The Video Below:

Hey, Zach Crawford, here.

And, in this video we are going to talk about how to create an affiliate marketing funnel. You know, this is something that I have been talking about on the channel quite a bit, but I have not really made a detailed tutorial on how to do it. And, a lot of people have been asking me a lot of questions.

So, that is what we are going to be covering today. I am going to show you, basically, the overview, or what I call is “the mountain top view”, so you can understand how it works and why you want to do it, and how it all goes together.

Then, I am actually going to show you one of my profitable sales funnels so you can kind of see how I do it. And, then the last thing that I am going to show you is actually how we build a funnel. How quick you can build it.

Now, understand that you can do it more detailed, so the funnels can get more complex.

And, I don't really suggest that you do that when you first start. You really want to focus on in the beginning on creating a simple funnel like I am teaching you here that is basically going to make you money, and get cash flow coming in.

And, then from there, you can start thinking about the more advanced stuff.

I a lot of times, get people who get caught up on like trying to make everything perfect, and trying to make it exactly like all the guru's they follow and watch, right?

And, the problem with this is if you don't understand how to make a basic funnel, you can get really overwhelmed trying to make the advanced ones.

You know, what is funny is I made over $500,000 online before I would be making anything that you can call complex or fancy. I mean they were ugly. My very first funnels where used with my blog.

I didn't even use what I am going to show you today which is a “drag and drop” builder. I basically used my blog and put my actual lessons on the “behind the scenes” on the blog, and it still made me tons of money.

So, don't get caught up on making everything look pretty and having to make everything perfect. Because there is no such thing as a perfect funnel.

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So, with that being said, we are going to jump in, and we are going to talk about how this works – the mountain top view.

Simple Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

So, the first thing is the overview of how this works. So, if we look at right here, right? We have the actual opt in page. I am going to show you what all this stuff looks like, so don't worry if you don't know what all these are. It is pretty simple to put together.

The Opt In Page

So, an opt in page is what most people refer to as a “squeeze page.” It captures and email. You know, if you are trying to promote your product, you are trying to promote an affiliate product or whatever it may be. Hands down, you want to collect the email.

I see so many people are just trying to send traffic to a sales page. And, this works to a degree, but if you actually want to do paid traffic. If you want to scale a business very very fast, I don't care if you are doing free traffic, you want to collect the email. You are leaving a lot of money on the table.

You know, I talk about this all the time on this channel. But, it is proven that it takes up to 7 points of contact to get a sale. So, if you are sending 1000's of people to a sales page, to try to buy an affiliate product, for one, you are doing it wrong, because that is not how super affiliates do it.

Secondly, you are losing the potential customer that you can sell to, over and over, and over again. When you collect the email with the sales funnel, and you get that email, you can follow up with them for months, and years in the future. I have people buying from me after 6 years straight. So, understand that this is a very very powerful concept.

Thank You Page

The second part is our Thank You page, right? There are two different ways to do it. You know, some people do it – and I do it both ways.

First Type of Thank You Page

Sometimes on my Thank You page, I will literally introduce myself and say “Zach, here…..” You know, if you have actually subscribed to any of my opt in pages, right, or any of my training courses.

You will see that most of the actual Thank You pages that I do, it is not to sell something, right? – it is really to build the relationship. I want to let people know who I am, why I am different, and how I can help them, and usually tell them to connect with me on my social media channels.

The reason why this is important, and why you want people to connect with you on your social media channels is – remember what I said – it takes 7 points of contact on average to get a sale.

The more times that you are in front of your audience – whether it be, I don’t know, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube – maybe you use Snapchat, Pinterest.

You know, pick your favorite platform and don't try to do all of them, honestly. You won't be able to do everything effectively. Pick like 1 or 2 that you can see yourself building your brand, building your business on in the future.

And, consistently publish content there. That is going to build your audience, it is going to build trust, and trust is the number one selling mechanism, hands down.

Second Type of Thank You Page

Now, the second type of Thank You page that you can do is like “Zach, here, I want to tell you about this free book Straight Line Leadership, and how you can get it is below in the comments or wherever.

How you get get it below with the button below.” Like, you are basically you are going to tell them, like for example, why they want to get the product.

So, instead of, for me, I was linking to this book on Amazon, right? Instead of me just having someone opt in, and sending them the the actual book, I would have them opt in for some kind of you know, freebie.

Which, the freebie is like I will show you, it is usually like – you can do an email series, you can do a video series, you can do a eBook, there are many different ways to do it.

But, when I actually sell on the Thank You page, I usually still like to do the process that I told you, where it's like “Hey, my name is Zach. This is what is different about me.” And, then I say, “Hey, you know, this book right here is the #1 book that I recommend every entrepreneur reads.

And, the reason being is because this book has changed my life because of this, this, and this.”

You know, I will tell them the benefits of why they need the product and say “Hey, look, you can click the description below in order to grab your copy.” Or, if you are selling something, you know, giving something away for free, like “free plus shipping”, or anything – this works for just about anything.

I would do physical products like books and phones, and gadgets and stuff. Personally, I would build an email list in everything I do, no matter what niche I am in. I will always build a list because of the fact that you can follow up with them more.


So, once you have the Thank You page out of the way. The next step is usually emails. The simplest way is to do it for emails, but I am going to show you my setup. Like, I usually mix emails and content.

And, the reason being is that content is really builds trust with your audience, it gets people to buy like 10 times easier than just sending an email.

Email works. For years, I just literally wrote emails. I was not willing to get on camera. I was not willing to put my face out there.

I wasn't very, I don't want to say “likeable”, but I wasn't “down to earth” and wasn't able to joke around, and I was always serious. Compared to now, I am honestly a “smart ass” and I am always joking around, and always having fun. And so, now, I like to send people to videos, instead of me writing a lot. But both works. Both works.

So, usually how this works is you have Email #1, Email #2, Email #3, and so on. You can do it for between 3 to 5 emails, that is the spot that I like.

And, the reason why I like to have 3 to 5 emails, personally, I think, if someone goes through 3 to 5 emails and you are trying to sell them a product and they don't buy. It is usually that they are not interested, right?

Either one, you didn't do a good job when you were writing the emails.

Or, two, you basically they are just not interested, they are not ready to buy it. So, there is no point for you “hammering them” over the head for another 10 emails, another 20 emails. I see a lot of people make the mistake when they build a sales funnel for the first time, and they want to automate everything.

And, trust me, I love automated money. And, if you ever have heard me talk about in any of my videos that how I have sales funnels that I put together like 6 months ago, that literally make me $1000 a day.

This is what I am talking about here. It is literally an Opt In page, Thank You page, and like 5 emails. And, that's what makes me $1000 a day.

If they don't buy in those 5 days, I am probably not going to keep beating them over the head with the same offer, because for the most part, they are probably not interested in it.

And, you are really going to burn your list out. You are going to burn your trust. And, you are going to burn that relationship, and they are just going to “unsubscribe.”

So, you want to keep that in mind as people are going through your emails, and you are emailing them in the future, if you are just pounding them over the head with an offer, they are probably not going to like you. And, unsubscribe, very very quick.

Broadcast Emails:

Now, once they go through these 5 emails, what I do is what is called broadcast emails. And, broadcast emails is simply, I can punch it up today, and send it out today. And, the reason why I like to do it this way, is so that I constantly staying relevant.

Like, say something happens in the news, say something happens with Donald Trump, and it is like really controversial. I could send out a headline on something that happened, and people are going to be – they probably already watched it as a current event.

Maybe for instance, at the time that I am shooting this – the Avengers Movie is coming out. I could play off of, why – 5 tips on why Avengers are yada, yada, yada. I could come out with some kind of headline that would grab attention.

Compared to if I had this 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, 6 month sequence, like it is going to be so automated, it’s almost disconnected. And, I see, a lot of times, people create those, people just don't – it's like talking to a robot.

You want people to know that you are a real person behind that email, you want them to know like you are actually sending them, and it's not something that they are going through like a sequence.

Because, even though, in some niches, like outside of “make money online”, people don't understand all the marketing tricks, sort of speak. People can still feel after a while that it's like a robot is talking to them. You don't want that.

After Broadcast Emails I Then Mix It Up (Content & Pitches)

So, basically, after that, broadcast emails. I will mix it up sending them content, mix it up and sending sales pitches – things to buy, and you constantly want to further that relationship with the prospect in order to sell them other affiliate products, or either introduce them again to the affiliate product that they didn't buy.

So, what I want to do now is show you, what this looks like and how I do it. So, if we click over here.

And, you can actually get this training below. You know, down in the description, you can actually go through this funnel, so in that way you can understand it yourself. It is also going to go in more detail about what I am actually teaching you now. So, I am teaching you the process.

But, if you really want to learn how to create passive income with affiliate marketing and actually learn how to build an affiliate marketing funnel and set it up the right way. I suggest you go through the training.

Not so that you can actually see if you can buy something, but literally, I give you the resources.

You can download my funnel, you can use the funnel that actually makes me money, and at the same time, you can also reverse engineer it and learn how to use it for your own business, If you have something completely different that you want to sell.

So, basically, like, this is the page, right? You have your headline – we are going to talk about this in a minute on how to create a good squeeze page, and how to get people to come in.

So, you have your headline – “FREE TRAINING: The Beginner Friendly Blueprint to Building a Passive Business Around Almost Any Interest Using Sales Funnels…”

Now, honestly, I could make the headline like more super engaging, like a real hook like I have some like “How to make a $4000 Passive Income Business.” But, when you are running a lot of paid traffic, the one thing to think about is you are going to do paid Ads, like, like, they don't like things like that.

Especially, say in the “make money” industry, or “health” industry. In the “Health” industry, they don't like things that are like promises. Like, “How to get a 6 pack in 30 days?”

They also don't like income claims if you are in the “Make Money” niche, like “How to make $4000 in just 30 Days?” That is stuff that they put themselves at jeopardy, with like the FTC. So, understand, if you are going to run paid ads, you are going to have to watch how you form your copy. So, keep that in mind.

Now, of course, if you look right here, there is one thing that I like to do. I like to let people know – I usually put “100% FREE TRAINING” but I have “FREE TRAINING”. Now, after I think about that, maybe I will go back to change that in the future.

And, I also like to let them know also to – if there is something additional. Like right here, “Get Access To One of My Profitable Sales Funnels – 90% of the Work is done for you.”

So, that is like another benefit, like why you want to opt in to this training. You are going to get one of my profitable sales funnels that you can use in your business yourself. That is going to speak to somebody who is trying to learn how to build a sales funnel, right?

Opt in Page:

Then, of course, right here, “You're Going To Learn:”. So, usually, a lot of my squeeze pages, I like to list out basically, list out what are the benefits. Like, what is it you are going to learn? Why is this important for your attention?

Why is this going to help you get XYZ result? You want to think about that when you are building your affiliate marketing funnel around whatever product that you are doing.

And, I am going to teach you really quick in the training here. Like how you can actually do this. But, you can look at the sales page of the thing that you are promoting, and look for the big benefits.

What are the things that the product solves? What is the problem that it solves? What will help them do – will it help the do it easier, faster, more simple? Will it help them get some kind of result faster than what they are trying to achieve? You want to put these things like right here and really list them out.

Now, here is another thing to use. And, this is going to be different based on your experience level. But, understand, I have people watching this – some of my coaching students that watch my training are 7-figure earners. I have several 6-figure earners. And, of course, I have a bigger audience that is beginner.

But, if you have any type of credibility, like for instance, me, I hold small live events.

You know, I hold masterminds and coaching and everything. And, if you do anything like that, if you speak at events, if you have every spoken on stage, if you have some kind of credibility factor like you have been feature on TV or anything. Use those on your squeeze page if you can.

Now, there are different ways to do it. You can do it with an image. Or, you can do it like right here, I put my name, and then like all the basic achievements that I had. This is good social proof.

Like, It makes people like pay attention to you. Now,, keep this in mind, if you don't have any credibility, this does not matter, it is not going to affect your conversion rate that much.It is not going to kill that fact that you are going to be able to get sales.

One of the things I like to tell everybody is “Nobody is an expert coming right out of the womb.” Like, we have to become the expert, right? In the old days, I literally just had the – This is what you get – this is the headline, this is the bait, this is why you want to opt in.

This is what you are going to learn. (You're To Learn). Here is the button, and here is how you can go get it. I didn't do any of the social proof. But, I want to touch on this. If you have some kind of social proof to leverage, leverage it.

And then, of course, right here, you can see “23,000 fans”. So, if you've built up a decent sized social following, this shows social proof that you are somebody that they should possibly follow. And, then, of course, “Click The Button” to get the training.

Thank You Page

Now, this is the Thank You page, right? So, one of the things that I like to do on the Thank You page is, and it is something that kinds of sucks. I used to have “auto-play videos” on all my actually Thank You pages.

But, unfortunately, like about a week ago, basically, Google Chrome rolled out an update, and I think it may have been Safari, I don't know about Firefox. But, basically, auto-play videos won't play.

So, even if you had a auto-play video, like “Hey Zach here.” as you opt in. But, you can't do that. So, now what I do to counter that is basically, I have an image right here, basically “Hey, Stop!” And, it grabs your attention, one you land on this page.

The Bridge Page

Now, one of the things that I usually like to do, and it depends on how I am doing it. If I am offering something on the page, you know, the Thank You page – if we go back to this diagram, remember I said that you can actually link out to the sales page.

And, this is what I refer to often as the “Bridge Page” – bridging the gap. You know, somebody comes into your sales funnel, and you are going to bridge the gap from you – you want to introduce them who you are, and you are bridging it over to the offer that you are trying to sell.

However, sometimes, I don't actually sell anything on the Thank You page. So, sometimes, when I am doing that, I just say to them to “Connect with me on the social media platforms below.”

But, if I am selling something on the Thank You page, I will say “Go below and get this thing.” For example, we talked about the book, right? “Below, you can get the Straight Line Leadership over on Amazon.

All you have to do is click on the link below. This is why you want it. It changed my life because of this.” That is usually how I do that.

So, it depends on how I am doing it, but if you are going to make an offer on the sales page, you want to model like this page right here. Now, once again, if you want to see how I do that, opt in to the funnel below in the description.

Now, here is basically how I do this. Remember what I said back here, Email #1, Email #2, Email #3, and so on through to Email #5. Now, I actually have 5 different pages on this. I do two different types of funnels.

Here is an example. This is the same funnel. And, I want to show you how all of this fits together. So, this is an Email Auto Responder and I use Convert Kit. And, basically, all that this does is it automates the process.

So, instead of you figuring out when someone opts in, and manually send emails to them, this does all the automation for you. Email #1 goes out on Day 1, Email #2 goes out on Day 2, Email #3 goes out on Day 3, and so on.

So, all of these lessons go out automatically, right? And, you see right here, I literally write a little bit of text and then I link out to the lesson. Now, you can do, for instance, all emails. It can be all text, and you can link straight to your sales page. It doesn't have to be super complicated.

But, for me, I am all about building trust, and building relationship with the potential customer, right? I don't want to just sell something to somebody every single day. Buy, buy, buy, buy. Because it is annoying.

You can get sales like that, but the problem with this, in my opinion, is 99% of the people do this. This is why that 99% of the people never get to a super affiliate status.

They are building their affiliate marketing funnels like they are selling, selling, selling, and they are not really giving value to the person that is trying to follow them, so their results suck. You can get some sales like this, but how I am teaching you, you can get 10 times better results.

So, for me, I am really, right here, “Here are the daily lessons for you to look for.” I am letting people know upfront, what they are going to learn in the next 3 to 4 days. I want people to be excited about the training.

I want people to actually open the emails and actually go watch the training's. My email open rates are like 50 to 75%. Most people can't get a 10% open rate, and this is why, they sell, right? So, I let them know what they are going to expect, what I am going to teach them over the next few days.

Now, keep in mind, this can require a little bit of work to put this together as far as what you are going to train people. I am going to teach you quick, on how you can do this, here in a minute.

But, at the end of the day, you can put this together, maybe it takes you a week or two, but once you put this together, you can make so much money. So much money. So, understand this, say you take 2 weeks worth of work, and put your sales funnel together, and then you keep driving traffic to it and making money every single day.

Remember, what I said earlier, the sales funnels that I put together over 6 months ago, and it makes me a $1000 every single day. I did the work once and keep making money from it. So, this is the difference.

You can go do a lot of different business models, but there is no business model except sales funnels, in my opinion, that you can make true passive income by putting work in once, and then you keep making money. It takes work, but you keep making money.

So, if we go back here, I have – this is lesson #1. So, How Average People Are Making $100 – $1000+ Per Day Without Tech Skills or Every Needing To Create A Product.”

So, basically, right here, I am teaching people how to you use sales funnels and affiliate marketing in making $100 to $1000+ per day, and how easy it is and how to do without tech skills. I explain how the model works, and once again go back to the fact that if you don't have social proof, its OK. You don't need that, you can leverage testimonials, from whatever product you are promoting.

So, if I were promoting, right here, I am showing different success stories of – this person here has made over $5000 following my information, right? But, I understand, you probably don't have that.

Maybe, say, you were in the “weight loss” industry and you are not promoting in the “make money online” industry. If, for instance, you were in the “weight loss” industry, and you are just starting out, and you don't have testimonials, right? What you do is leverage the testimonials from the actual product. You can go to the sales page, and show the results of what you are doing.

Now, what I have right here is what I call is a landing page. And, what I am doing besides the video, is I teach in the video some content. But, in here, I have some basic pre-selling. I am pre-selling the offer.

And, this is the difference that what most people don't really do. They don't put the effort and do this. Remember, what I said, take 2 weeks and put this together, and crush it. Absolutely crush it.

This is the difference between super affiliates and people that don't make very much money. They do this extra effort. So, if you want to see this whole process, I really suggest that you get the training below because you can model it. Feel free. Heck, if you want to promote the same funnel, I literally give you access to that.

Basically, what I am doing is pre-framing the offer. Then, when I click over to the sales page, not understand that this sales page, right here, this is my sales page. I am going one step above what most people do.

So, what most people do – most people they have like the pre-sale page, and then they link to the affiliate offer. I go one step further, and even make a pre-sales sales page for the offer myself, but you can link straight to the sales page. Remember what I said, you can get as complex, or simple as you want to.

My suggestion is you go right here, to the page right here, and it is like a pre-sale page, you are teaching them some cool training, and then this would actually link to the actual affiliate offer that you are promoting. And, when you do that, you are still going to make tons of money.

Like my very first funnels, I was literally making $1000+ per day without doing this extra step that I actually showed you where I actually linked to my individual sales page that then sends them to over to the affiliate product. And, I still made tons of money, so it is not going to affect you.

Now, I want to go back quick and show you here, This is just the email auto responder. I just want to touch on this one more time. Basically, you can use any ones that you want. It doesn't have to be Convert Kit.

Convert Kit is my favorite because it was made by bloggers, and actually internet marketers that actually do this stuff.

Some of the other companies, like Aweber, and Getresponse, they are more corporate. There are a lot of corporate people use those. I have used those in the past, but I just don't like them.

So, with Convert Kit, it is really simple, right? It is very – the interface, I like it better. It is a really simple editor. It reminds me of using Gmail. And, it is really very simple. You can go literally right here and click here and add a link. It is very simple.

And, you put the lessons here. I am not going to move it around, but you can see that I can drag these around, and move the lessons around very simple. That is how it works. Basically, you have those pages and it goes through the process.

Now, what I am actually going to do is share a few tips with you on how you can put this together, and how you can come up with your own.

And, then finally, after that, we will actually go into Clickfunnels which is the software that I built that funnel with. And, show you how quick it is, and how easy it is, to just click a few buttons and build it.

There is one thing that you need to understand when building the squeeze page. If we go back here, this is the squeeze page that we collect the email, right?

You need a hook. So, one thing you need is you need a hook in order to create for your opt in page. One of the things that I like to do, and I will share with you in a minute.

Is reverse engineering other people that are selling the product that you want to sell. A lot of people get really creative – like “Ah, man, I don't know what to give away. I don't know what to make my headline for the squeeze page.”

Don't make things complicated. Literally, just go reverse engineer people that are successful. Find super affiliates like myself. Find people that are selling things at a very very effective rate of whatever it is you are trying to sell. And, literally reverse engineer them.

Now, one of the things that you want to do, is you want to watch the sales video, and listen for the “big idea.” So, one of the most important things to understand is you have to have a big idea.

That is what I mean by the hook. The big idea is “What's the big benefit that this is going to get me? How is it going to help me? Why do I need this thing so bad? Why should I give you my email or my attention better yet, in order to give you my email?” You have to have a hook. You absolutely have to have a hook.

So, if you look right here, my hook is “The Beginner Friendly Blueprint to Building a Passive Business Around Almost Any Interest Using Sales Funnels…” So, what I am teaching right here is you can build a passive income business around any interest that you have, basically any niche, any hobby.

And, then on top of it, you “Get Access To One of My Profitable Sales Funnels where 90% of the work is done for you.” I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty sexy. You get a funnel from someone who makes $1000 every single day, and you just click a button, and you get it for free, right?

Like, this is a hook, you get something that makes your life more simple, fast, easy, without frustration, without having to be overwhelmed, and figuring it out for yourself. You want to think of a big hook on why somebody needs your thing.You want to think of a headline, right? A good headline.

So, these are my favorite formulas for the most part, that I like to do. Your are going to see right here, “FREE TRAINING” . I could have put “FREE VIDEO”, it would be the same thing. I do a couple of things…

I like this one here. “Free Video Reveals: The Secret To….” The secret to lose 5 pounds of belly fat. Or, get shredded and get a 6-pack. Or, Free Video Reveals: How to Build a Sales Funnel Without Tech Skills and Overwhelm. Basically, something that really grabs their attention.

And, then I liked this “Want (blank) Get (blank). This is really simple right? “Do you want to learn how to build sales funnels? Here is how to build sales funnels.” It's not the actual headline, but “You Want To Learn How To Build A Passive Income Business with Sales Funnels?

Learn How To Build A Passive Income Business Without Tech Skills and Overwhelm,” right? I kind of butchered that… “How to build a passive income business without any tech skills or zero experience” There is a better one.

Now, I am thinking off the fly, but what you want to do to get ideas, is I like to honestly, I like to, if you ever have watch my videos. There is always pads of paper and a pen, laying around.

And, I like to just sit and think of things. Sometimes I will take an hour and I will start playing with headlines. “Nah, that is not very good. No, that's kind of close.” And, what happens is eventually, after I brainstorm the idea, I get one that sounds really sexy, and really enticing, and then I test it.

Now, here is how to create a high converting funnel with whatever offer that you are selling, with like pretty much close out of the gate. A lot of people, like I said, over-complicate this process, and they get really scared of it.

They are worried about “Is it going to be right? What if people don't open my emails? What if people don't like what I create?” Here is how to do it, right?

You literally opt in to competitors funnels. You study their emails and what they are promoting. And, I am going to show you an example of how to do this in a minute. You model their emails to make it fit your offer.

So, for instance, if you are promoting Bluehost. Bluehost is a hosting company for setting up a website. If you don't know, I always suggest this on this channel that hosting is a very very big niche.

I am actually getting ready to create a second YouTube channel on everything about setting up websites, and things like that. The whole channel is going to be about setting up websites and doing different things, its because it is a multi-million dollar niche. Honestly, you could be making $20,000 a month easy in that, if you actually put the work into it.

So, what you want to do is model their emails. And kind of model it for how it works for you.

You want to continue to study their broadcast emails and practice writing your own. So, one of the things that you absolutely want to learn is how to write good and effective emails. And, how to do that is you model people that are doing it right.

When I first started, I did not know copywriting. I knew copywriting to a decent extent to this day. If you don't know what copywriting is, it is basically “selling with words.”

It is one of the most profitable skills that you can learn online. And, how I learned it was like just by studying other people that I thought were awesome copywriters – awesome email copywriters.

And, so what I would do, and this is what most copywriters suggest to get good at copywriting, is rewrite somebody's sales letter by hand. You literally take out a pencil and rewrite it. One of the ways to do this, is say email, you just rewrite the person's email and ask yourself, why are they writing it that way?

Tweak the emails, model it, model, don't steal, model their email by re-writing it, and change it based on your story. Your experience. What you are teaching. You can even go into other industries and I am on other people's emails lists that are not the same industry as me. It is just to get ideas on what kind of emails that I can write for my niche.

Reverse Engineer: Model Success

So, I want to show you a quick example of this, really quick before we build the funnel. This was not planned, but I want to show you and idea of this. For instance, what if I was going to go into say the website hosting, right?

Let me see if I can pull up his blog. This guy is really good if you are trying to learn SEO. His name is Matthew Woodward. A really really good SEO guy, right?

And, if you were trying to teach somebody on how to set up their first blog. Now, if I go right here, “start a blog”. I would actually create, which what I am actually working on now, I would create a free training of why you want to start a blog, and how a blog is beneficial, and how you can make first money with the blog.

And, so what I would do is go find somebody that already did it. I wouldn't guess on how to do it. But, if I go right here, on “How to start a blog”, I would model the blog post, and at the same time – Look right here, “How to build a successful blog in 7 Days”.

So, what I would do is opt in to his training, right? And, I would go through it, and see what Matt is doing, and then go make my own version. Like, don't copy, that is not flattering. Don't copy somebody's work, model what they are doing Go through and look at all his emails and see what he is teaching and think “What can I do in my own version?”

And, don't sit back like most people do. Most people are “Well, you know, I am not a 6-figure blogger like Mathew, so I can't say I am a 6-figure blogger, it is not true.”

Nobody was a 6-figure blogger when then got started. Matt started a couple of years ago, I believe, I don't know that much about him. I just follow some of his SEO stuff in the past. And, for instance, like he become a 6-figure blogger by puttying out great content. He become a 6-figure blogger from consistency.

So, what you would do is share a lesson, but don't talk about money, just show people how to set up a website, show them basically how to find their first affiliate offer, or how to make their first money with the blog.

Don't claim things that you don't know. You don't have to “fake it, till you make it” in order for you to be successful, that is something to understand. I don't care what niche you are in, if its “make money online”, its “fitness”, its “dating”, any of the big profitable niches. You don't have to fake it till you make it. Just be honest.

So, literally, what you would do is opt in to his training here, go through it and figure out how to make your own version. It's literally that simple.

Final Step: How Easy It Is To Build An Actual Funnel

Now, the final step is I want to show you how easy it is to build an actual funnel, right? So, I use a tool called clickfunnels, super super simple. Like, my whole business is in here. You notice, I have a lot of funnels.

So, basically what you would do is like right here “Add New” and then you can do 2 different things. This is the old like “classic builder” which is like basically like it was used for a lot of people that have been with the company basically when it started.

Kind of like I have, I have been using it for years. But, this new one is way better in my opinion, especially for someone who is just getting started.

You just go to “Start Cookbook” and what the cookbook is basically is the different types of funnels that you want to build, it like literally explains what the funnel is for, how it works. And, what is great is the whole funnel downloads in one click, and you basically like “drag and drop” stuff, I will show you.

In this case, we want to build – there are several funnels that you can use on here, you could use the “Bridge Funnel” but I am going to go with the basic “Squeeze Page Funnel”.

And, then, you see right here, what I meant, it has right here the basic explanations, explaining how it works. It's like a 20 minute video explaining how it all works and how it all goes together.

And, of course, right here, you have these pre-done templates. So, I am going to select, and I am going to go right here and click this “Jason Squeeze Page Funnel.”

Yeah, this will work and go ahead and “Get Funnel”.

And, it literally downloads it into your account, just give it a few seconds.

And, you literally login and change all the steps. You change what you do – if you went through the process that I taught you about brainstorming your headline, and you can add images. You just go right here and “Edit Page” and literally you can go right here, and go in and you would click right here.

And, we talked about “How To Build a Passive Income Business Without Tech Skills Or Zero Previous Experience.”

So, I am going to go ahead an erase that. I play around with it until I get it to what I like. And, then basically, I would make it. I can click here, and I can adjust text color. I can add icons and change different things. It is super simple.

Like, right here, I would highlight “Without Tech Skills Or Zero Previous Experience”. And, this goes back, if I show you right here, the headline – “FREE VIDEO REVEAL” The Secret To….” A third one that I should have added was “How To (blank) Without (blank).

Basically, how to do (blank) without (blank) is “How to get the thing that you want without doing the things that you don't want.” That is one of the most easy profitable headlines that you can make.

“How to get 6-pack Abs without giving up carbs and good food” Like, basically, how to get the thing you want without doing all the things that you absolutely hate. And, that is going to work gangbusters in anything that you are using.

And, here, if I did not want this headline, I can delete that, or change it. Right here, I can change what the button says, “Yes! Zach Give Me The Training” And, of course, like right here, after you have that you can go up to settings. And, once you have your email auto responder hooked up – like I said, I use Convert Kit.

So, I can go right here, and select Convert Kit. Then I select the form that I want to use and pick one on my list, and Bam! And, when somebody opts in, the literally go in.

And, the same thing would happen for your Thank You page, right? It gives you a Thank You page, and you literally just go inside of here and you can edit it. Same process for the Thank You page.

And, then if you wanted to do like I taught you, here, you wanted to add a Landing Page for your affiliate offer, for some of your lessons, right?

You can literally go here. I will show you how easy that is to create. So, we can Add New Step and I will just call this “Pre sell Page”

And, something to keep in mind, if you don't want to have a blog – I personally think everybody should have a blog and a website because it's – I don't know, I think it is pretty standard.

But, you can get away without doing one because you can use a pre sell page and you can go to this miscellaneous right here, and you can do, right here, “traditional blog post.”

So, you can make some content. So, say you wanted to make an article that is like a pre-sale and even put a video in it, and this looks just like a blog.

So, you wouldn't even need a website. Put your logo right here, and you know, obviously, you probably want to take the navigation of the blog out. But, basically, you could write an article here, if you wanted to add a video.

Say I did a video. I did a video to basically promote the product. Product name review, and why you would want this thing, I could put a video here, link in here, write some text.

Down here in this text here, I can add a different element. So, I can just go here and just hit “Add element” and add an image, and basically Bam!.

I can go right here and select an image, and that is it, it puts an image in here. That is how easy it is. It is literally dummy friendly, and for the most part it is really super simple. You literally drag things around, and say right here, I can move this up here.

And, that is how you build a funnel. You go through and say it takes you a couple of weeks, and when I say a couple of weeks, I mean a couple of weeks to build a really good one that makes you money, if you are doing it 100% from scratch.

You have to write your emails. And, if you do any kind of training lessons and stuff.

On average, it takes me about 2 weeks to build a funnel like this that will make me at least $500 a day. And, you can easily do one, I think, in my opinion, that if you are brand new to make one that makes $100 a day, if you are not that experienced.

So, if you like this training, my suggestion is to go below, and it goes into even more detail of the training that I just talked about. Showing how it all works. You'll see how I do it. You’ll get to watch all the videos. Understand the full process. And then learn how to implement it yourself.

Finally, as always, make sure that you subscribe to the channel if you have not subscribed yet. Comment below for a chance to win that course. If you win it, I will comment and reply to you and let you know that you won.

So, every single day somebody wins a course on this channel. Make sure that you tune in to watch all the videos, there is going to be some cool stuff, and you can win some pretty cool stuff too. With that being said, take care, and I will see you tomorrow.

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