Empower Network Review

Update: March 11th 2014- Recently my old sponsor asked me why I quit the company. Once I told him he went straight to David Woods to let him know what happened. From what I understand someone inside the company messed up on the TOS and EN is still fine with people promoting multiple income opportunities and they stated I should have never received a cease and desist letter. I have no hard feelings with Empower Network and I give kudos to my sponsor for taking this issue to David to sort it … [Read more...]

Pure Leverage Review

In this Pure Leverage Review I'm going to go over the positives and negatives and really dive into what Pure Leverage is all about. But watch this first..... Note: I no longer promote Pure Leverage, but I've left the original review up because it explains how Pure Leverage works. If you're looking for a business opportunity to start my favorite program is MTTB. I will let you know up front that i'm an affiliate of Pure Leverage, but it's not for everyone. No program is perfect and I'm … [Read more...]