Internet Lifestyle Network Review

My Full Internet Lifestyle Network Review

Note: I’m no longer involved with ILN. I love everything Vincent and Mark do and think ILN is a great program, but once they switched the compensation plan it defeated the purpose of why I recommended it to my audience.

I originally joined to expand my knowledge(you should never stop learning) and to find a solution for people who wanted to work with me, but not interested in My Top Tier Business.

Once they switched the compensation plan I had to make the decision to let it go because my main focus is My Top Tier Businessย and if I’m going to recommend a high ticket program to my readers it has to be something I’ve tested, got results with and know I can help others get results if they follow my lead.

From what I see so far I think ILN looks to be a company that will be growing at a rapid rate with someone like Vincent who cares about the people involved.

Now let’s break down ILN and what exactly you get for your money.

What you get:

  • 5 Fully customizable blogs to choose from to build your list.
  • 8 Figure Wisdom by Mark Hoverson
  • 7 Figure Marketing by Vincent Ortega Jr
  • 7 Figure blog training by Clifton Hatfield
  • Access to their private Facebook Group
  • Training by all the top affiliates in the company.
  • ILN support center(they answer fast)

All this for $14.95 a month.

Zach Is It Worth Joining?

The courses?

internet lifestyle network

If I had to sum up ILN courses in a few words it would be Freak’n awesome.

I didn’t join ILN thinking it would be another full time income source, but after getting inside I’m thinking this will be a great product to promote.

I joined Internet Lifestyle Network because I’ve known about Mark Hoverson for a while and I ran across Vincent a while back. I have to say these two guys have their shit together.

When Vincent talks I listen. You can tell he really cares about people & he supports everything I teach on Psychologically Unemployable.

He’s constantly preaching “bring the value” and he teaches people in ILN to do the same.

I’m all about supporting people who practice what they preach and Vincent is a man of his word.

He doesn’t go out there slamming his links on his FB wall, he doesn’t shove pitches down your throat and he’s not begging for your money.

He signs people up by showing he’s a true leader and bringing the freak’n value 24/7.

Mark is no slouch either. He’s probably one the best marketers online.

He has a very unique way of teaching you that grabs your attention. Most of his training is very simple and he likes to draw on the screen to demonstrate how things work.

Something I’ve never seen from anyone else. This guy knows his stuff & Vincent is following in his foot steps.

Together I expect these two to do big things with ILN.

So for $15 a month I would say I got my value x1000.

Even if you don’t want to promote the products(which I suggest you do) then I would pick up the training to apply to your own business.

Internet Lifestyle Network is internet marketing training, which is one area where most network marketing companies are failing.

Internet marketers know how to put sales funnels together, how to use persuasion, how to use copywriting and how to drive massive amounts of traffic to sign people up.

If you’re promoting another company, do yourself a favor and grab the ILN training and apply it to your business and thank me later ; )

What About The Internet Lifestyle Network Blog?

I will say their designer is sick(in a good way).

The blogs look amazing and setup to get leads like a blog should be used for.

With that being said, I’m still an advocate of creating your own blog and controlling your content.

I like to be able to customize my blog with lead generation plugins & I want the ability to take my content with me if I stop promoting a company.

Your content is a digital asset that will make you money for years to come if you do it right.

However with that being said it’s a great setup for someone who doesn’t want to setup their own blog or if they don’t plan to focus on ranking content in the search engines.

If you have the money I would grab their custom blog package thats an up-sell. You don’t have to buy this, it’s optional.

The Facebook Group?

The ILN Facebook group is worth your $15 a month. Theres a lot of conversation going on inside of there and constant value.

I’m a firm believer in networking with like minded people. There are a lot of smart people inside that group besides Vincent and Mark.

Anytime you can get yourself in the presences of other smart marketers you should jump all over it.

The support?

One thing I judge a company by is their support system. I’ve joined companies in the past that take two weeks to reply and I’ve quit.

I’m big on only suggesting products to my readers that I truly believe in. If I can’t rely on the support how can I recommend it to my subscribers?

I sent in a support ticket because I submitted the wrong name for my credit card and they answered back in 2 hours. I don’t know about you, but that’s a good sign for the future.

So Internet Lifestyle Network’s support staff gets a thumbs up from me.

The Commission Structure

One thing that got my attention was how you get 50% commission for only paying $30 a month.

It cost $14.95 to be a member and $14.95 to be an affiliate.

When you can make 50% commission on a product that is $1000 for paying $30 a month, that’s pretty solid in my book.

I teach my students to promote good products, products with a awesome compensation plan and recurring commission.

Just being a member of their basic package you can make up to $2,157.50 off each customer.

They have an optional program to promote called Global Resorts Network which I plan on joining in the future.

If you are a member with everything you can make up to $15,457.50

You could make good money by just being at the $30, but their bigger compensation plan looks awesome to me.

Update 10-24-2013: ILN just introduced their new Viral 5 compensation plan. You now get paid on your members signup’s as well. ILN just put their compensation plan on steroids and made it much easier for you to profit.

This is just another sign to me that Vincent & Mark are going out of their way to take care of their affiliates and making sure they can make as much money as possible from their efforts.

Now you can reach a full time income with having a lot less people in your downline. I officially decided this will be my second big income stream in the next year ๐Ÿ˜‰

ILN gets a huge thumbs up in my book for their compensation plan.

Final Thoughts On Internet Lifestyle Network

I think Internet Lifestyle Network looks to be an amazing program by two smart marketers.

I love the energy, value and the vision ILN has for themselves and their customers.

Most companies are just in this to pad their pockets, but when you listen to Vincent talk it’s obvious his vision is massive for the members of ILN.

He knows by helping others they will help him and Internet Lifestyle Network grow.

I see this as a company I will be putting some heavy marketing to in the future. I always sit back and monitor a company to see how it grows and what direction they decide to go before joining.

At this point I would recommend Internet Lifestyle Network to anyone reading my blog.

Whether you want to use ILN for training or to make your main business I think you can’t get better value for $15 a month.

Zach Crawford


  1. says

    Hi Zach, thank you for this one!

    My Questions:

    #1 Is it mandatory to use the blog built by them/on their platform or is it possible to have an own blog on an own domain – everything outside ILN and still work with them/promote them?

    #2 Do you know whether it’s OK for them that one promotes more than ILN or do they expect that a marketer does just ILN? (You mentioned something like “if it’s your main business”)

    Thank you in advance!

    • says


      I really need to update this. I actually rejoined ILN once I left EN.

      You can promote whatever you want. So you’re not limited to ILN.

      You can use your own blog and I suggest it so you have all of your content on your own blog controlled by you.

  2. george says

    How can I join ILN through you, nd how much does it cost, what are their training nd benefits, if I join when will it start giving me result thank you

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