How To Start A Blog- The Step By Step Guide

How To Start A Blog

Note: If you want to skip straight to how to setup your blog scroll to the bottom. I’m going to cover the most important aspects of creating a successful blog before teaching you how to start a blog.

I did this for a reason because most people start blogging before they have a clue of what they should be doing. My goal is for you to avoid all of the mistakes I made early on and prepare you for exactly what you should be doing right from the start.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic, money and creating a long term business model. I see many people neglecting to start a blog simply because they’re afraid of the work, but I see that as a big mistake.

If I could go back 5 years and tell the newbie “Zach Crawford” to start blogging earlier I would. I would have had endless amounts of traffic and It would only add to the paid traffic I run. Search engine traffic is some of the best traffic you can get.

When someone types in a keyword like “how to blog” they’re looking for how to start a blog and if you’re an affiliate for a hosting how-to-start-a-blog-for-moneycompany this could equal a lot of extra income.

But…..that’s not the real benefit of creating a blog.

The real benefit of creating a blog is to build a following and tribe of people who like and trust you.

When people like and trust you, they will buy from you naturally without having to convince them or even pitch them on your business model.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, YOU NEED A BLOG PERIOD!

In this tutorial I’m going to teach you how to create a blog, how to get people to like and trust you and how to monetize the blog.

If you just want to have someone do the work for you because you’re not much a techie then check out my free service here. However I would still suggest to read on to learn how to market your new business.

Let’s face it, when you’re making money from your efforts you will stick with it and put passion into every piece of content you create.

How To Start A Blog: Overview

I’m not going to give you the typical advice I’ve read over and over which is create epic content and people will naturally find your blog. I see people repeating this over and over, but I take a different approach.

A blog is place where you bring people into your world and you build trust and relationships.

What do you need to do in order to get people to like and trust you?

You create content that answers problems they’re having in the niche, you create tutorials that teach them something and you constantly add massive value to their lives.

Most people create blogs with only one goal in mind— To benefit themselves.

If you learn one thing from this tutorial it should be to focus on helping people in your niche before ever asking for a dime. I’ve built several businesses online and I always lead in with “how can I help you”.

I’ve been able to climb leaderboards for product launches, sell my own products and sell affiliate products with ease because I focus 110% of my efforts on the people reading my content.

When you take the focus off yourself and you stop trying to get rich quick and focus on the people reading your content the money flows like water.

You no longer have to pitch or try to sell, they will buy from you because they feel connected with you and feel in debt to you for helping them.

So if you’re a newbie blogger with no experience, how do you add value to peoples lives?

Market Research First

Whenever I enter a niche the first thing I do is market research.

I want to know who my target market is, what are their problems, what are they searching for, what can I do to add value to their lives and I want to know what my competition is doing.

Step 1: Find niche forums to do research

The first step to creating a blog that people love to read is to figure out what people are talking about.

Since my market is internet & network marketers I will head over to the two biggest forums where my target market hangout. No matter what niche you’re in you should start this process before ever starting a blog.

The biggest internet marketing forum is warrior forum. At any given time you will find 20,000 + members online regardless of what time you login.

how to start a blog

Now the first thing I notice people are asking things like “how long does it take to start making money”, “how will you know when it’s time to quit”, “go for short term money or long term money”, “traffic not converting”, but if we dig deeper you will find many different topics people are having trouble with.

Next I will head over to better networker which is the biggest network marketing forum.

how to blog for money

The first thing I see people asking about is…. “is there a way to find people looking for mlm opportunities”, “who do you model yourself on”, “what is your biggest obstacle in mlm”, “struggling mlm’er looking for advice” and the list goes on and on.

I will usually spend 1 whole day doing nothing but writing down topics of what people are having trouble with, searching for and looking for answers.

Note all these topics down, we will go into detail about what to do with this later.

Step 2: Find All The Top Blogs In My Niche

Now the next step is to find all the top blogs in my niche. I want to know what my competitors are doing, what content are they creating and how are they interacting with their audience.

You also can see how they’re monetizing their site to get ideas for your own site.

The easy way to do this is to do a simple google search on your niche.

So for me I would type in “internet marketing blogs” or “best internet marketing blogs”.

start a blog

Now from a simple search I already found two posts where I have 175 blogs to flip through to find ideas for content to create.

When going through blogs I like to narrow it down to my 5 favorite. I look for bloggers who constantly put out top notch content and not just crap content to rank for the search engines.

Remember, we are going for value to build relationships with our followers.

Once I find my top 5 bloggers I like to go through their archives and find blog posts I like.

I will then save them in a google docs file. If you don’t want to create a google doc file you can bookmark them to come back to later when you need ideas for content to create.

Note: I want to make it clear you should never steal or copy anyones content. I read other peoples content to get ideas and then create my own unique versions, YOU should too!

Step 3: Keyword Research

Now you remember when I told you to jot down all the different questions and searches from the forum?

Now we will use these for ideas to create our content around.

We need to head over to the Google Keyword Planner to do some brain storming.

Now if I was writing a blog post for mlm for example, I would refer back to the person asking is there a way to find people looking for mlm opportunities.

Hmmm…..let me type this into the google keyword tool and find out ; )

Note: Make sure to click the tab that says keyword ideas. It should turn white when it’s selected. You also should make sure that the keyword tool is switched to exact match. See the arrow in the picture for reference.

blog keyword research

Now as you can see there are plenty of people searching for mlm opportunities. You can get hundreds if not thousands of ideas for keywords to form your content around.

You want to always write your content with the visitor in mind, but to ignore SEO(search engine optimization) is just silly. If you want to be found you at least need to follow basic on page optimization which I will teach you later in this post.

This keyword would be rather hard to rank for, but you can see my process for finding easier keywords to rank for in the video below.

I use Long Tail Pro for keyword research. This tool not only makes my life easier by finding keywords I may have missed just using Google keyword planner, but it also helps me gauge competition.

Using Long Tail Pro

>>>Get Long Tail Pro<<<

Most people go after keywords they would never have a chance ranking for, but long tail pro helps save your time and frustration so you find keywords you can rank.

Spend some time getting familiar with keyword research because finding the right keywords make all the difference between getting traffic to your blog or having a blog with lots of content and no one reading it.

I did a post about living in the Philippines which ranks on the first page with just a few backlinks, but the main reason it ranks is because I focus on good on-page optimization which you will learn later in this post.

This post brings me traffic on a regular basis with no work other than when I originally created it.

See the power of a blog?

Note: At the time of checking this(January 1st 2015) my post is on the second page of Google for this term. Most of the blogs on the first page are relevant content and authority sites all about living in the Philippines.

My blog ranks for lots of keywords related to marketing, but I originally created the post to rank to show how easy is is to rank your content with proper on-page optimization. I now recommend to keep your content 100% relevant to your niche on your blog.

creating a blog

A blog is a powerful tool to build your business, drive traffic and even make money when you structure it the right way.

Now that we have our market research done, it’s time to talk about what I think is the most important part of running a blog and I neglected to do this with all my websites from the start.

If I could reach my foot to my head, I would kick myself in the face for not doing this sooner.

Build Your List And Do It Right Now!

If there is one thing I regret not doing early in my career, it would be not building my list sooner.

You see when you have an email list of targeted people in your niche you now have an ATM as many people like to call it.

I used to think this was just chicken scratch and I didn’t need to do it, but boy was I wrong. Any day I decide to promote a product, sell my own product or send traffic to a blog post or Youtube video all I have to do is send out an email to my subscribers.

Now if you don’t already know, you’re going to need an email autoresponder that will allow you to collect these emails and have the ability to mail thousands of people at once without your email landing in the spam box.

My favorite email autoresponder is Aweber. I’ve been using it for years and it’s one of the most reliable and trusted services on the market.

If you think you can skip this phase and don’t need to build a list, think again. If someone goes to your blog and reads your content and then leaves, how will you market to them in the future?

How will you get them to come back to read your content?

When you capture their emails it gives you the ability to email them when you have new content to let them know to come back and read your blog.

Whatever you do, make sure your main focus with your blog is to get people onto your email list.

Put a optin form on the sidebar, link to your squeeze page in your content, use two step optin’s so when someone clicks the button a pop up comes up in order to get people to subscribe and use a pop up that comes up when someone tries to leave your blog in order to capture their email before you lose them forever.

My favorite tool I use in my business every single day to make my squeeze pages and two step optin’s is Leadpages. With Aweber and Leadpages I can pretty much run my whole business with these two tools.

So if you didn’t get the point yet, BUILD YOUR LIST!

Now we need to move on to the phase where we create the content. So we need to talk about how to create the content and make sure we set everything up properly.

On Page Search Engine Optimization

Now I know you have all the ideas to create content and you’re probably ready to get going, but before you waste your time writing content until your eyes bleed you want to make sure you understand how to structure your content to rank in the search engines.

Title of Your Post

When writing content one of the most important factors to on page SEO is the title. It tells the search engines what your post is about.

You want to make sure the keyword you’re doing the blog post around is in the title. I try to make this look as natural as possible for the title.

Example: The title of this post is- How To Start A Blog– The Step By Step Guide

The keyword is how to start a blog, but just having how to start a blog looks a little odd to the search engines and it also doesn’t grab the attention of people as well as adding the step by step guide.

I always write for people first, search engines second.

Make sure to download this wordpress plugin which will allow you to setup your on page SEO the easy way.

You will place the title in the normal spot for a wordpress post, but also in Yoast seo which I will show you shortly.

Meta Description

The meta description is exactly what it sounds like— the description of what the post is about. This is a small snippet that helps the search engines and viewers when searching in Google. See below for an example.

Note: Google no longer shows the picture of you beside your post, but the description is the Meta Description I’m talking about above.

meta description

You want to type a relevant description that tells what the post is about, but sprinkle the keyword inside the description as natural as possible so it makes sense and captures the viewers attention.

 Meta Keywords

The next step is to actually put your keywords we did research on earlier into the post that way it tells the search engines what your post is about.

Remember the plugin I told you to download. This is where you will enter the keywords as well as the description and title. See below

on page optimization

 One you install the plugin in wordpress Yoast SEO will show up below on every post and page. This is where you will put all of the information we just talked about above.

This will tell Google what your post is about and help them index your content properly. If you do this for every post you’re already leaps and bounds above 90% of bloggers. Most people create endless amounts of content, but never do any on page optimization so there blogs are dead and their content doesn’t get found.


Now the one extra step I do is change my permalink to the keyword. In the videos below for how to setup your blog I go through how to setup permalinks the right way, but this step is what you will actually do on every blog post you create.

If you just type the title of your blog post into wordpress by default it will look like this.
permalinksNotice in yellow the link shows exactly how the title of the post is.

So in the search engines it will look like this for the URL:

“http ://”

Now this isn’t bad because it has the keyword in the title, but I change it to the keyword of exactly what the post is about.

So here’s how to change it. Click the edit button and delete everything after how to start a blog so it has just the keyword like below.

change permalinks

This is more search engine friendly and will help you show up higher in the search engines.

Optimize Your Images

Now this is something most people don’t do, but if you go to google and type in live in the philippines my picture will come up at the top. That wasn’t by accident, it’s because I optimize all my images(alt tags) for the keywords.

You will get extra traffic from people searching for images and something grabs their attention.

optimizing images

You can optimize your images when you upload them. Before uploading your images change the name of the image to your keyword.

Example: live in the philipppines.jpg

Once you upload your images you will arrive at the screenshot below. You need to type your keyword into the alt tag section. You keyword should be in the title as well.

optimizing alt tags
Now when people search the images section your images will be optimized and show up in the searches.

Just doing this simple trick will bring you extra traffic you weren’t expecting.

Now that we’ve talked about how to optimize our content and how we will add value, I want to talk to you about creating content.

How To Create Content People Love

When I first started out blogging years ago I did everything completely backwards. My goal was volume, volume and more volume of posts. Now this worked, but now I believe in working smarter not harder.

I like to focus on creating content people love and will share on social media channels.

Now my favorite example of this is creating whats called top list posts or tutorial posts.

A tutorial post would be exactly what you’re reading right now. So if you can find a way to turn a post centered around a keyword into a tutorial post this will be the type of content people like and will share with their friends.

I try to write posts at least 1500 words and up. For the longest time everyone did the industry standard of content around 500 words and eventually Google caught on and knocked people out of the searches for gaming the system.

I no longer have a set word count, but I know Google awards posts that are detailed and actually focus on ending the search the person is looking for.

So you’re better off creating one awesome post that people love over 100’s of crappy low quality posts.

The second example of posts I like to create are top list posts. These are the type of posts people love reading and sharing with their friends. I focus a lot of my blogging around Facebook because thats where my audience hangs out.

A few examples of top lists posts I’ve written are 27 ways to live life on your terms, 99 bad ass life quotes to inspire you, and my favorite post 8 ways to pull yourself out of a rut and have a massive breakthrough.

Now these types of posts take a while to create, but you will get better results if you create content like this and focus your efforts on promoting it and submitting to social bookmarking sites, twitter and places where people share content to go viral. This can end up getting you lots of visitors, email subscribers and loyal fans.

Most people want to take shortcuts and not create content worth reading, but they end up spinning their wheels.

I would rather focus on one high quality article over writing a bunch of content people hate. I also find it relaxing and fulfilling to write these posts, but it could just be me ; )

Now I want to talk about the last step thats important before teaching you how to setup your first blog. Thats getting your content syndicated.

Social Syndication

Now if you followed this tutorial this far than you will understand why I’ve taught you all of this before teaching you about setting up your blog.

I want to make sure you avoid all the costly mistakes I once did. This will allow you to get better results with your blog and people won’t think twice about doing what I’m about to teach you.

There are plenty of places to submit your content like social to make your content go viral, but the best way is to simply ask your readers to share the content if they enjoyed it.

If you did your job and focused on creating content that helps them they won’t even think twice about sharing your content. They will be happy to share it with their friends. If you took shortcuts and created content just for the sake of ranking in the search engines, they won’t even read your content.

It’s really that simple, when you create good content it makes it much easier to have real people help you syndicate your content over trying to use spammy methods or using bots that Google can detect.

Now that I went over what I feel is the most important aspect of blogging and you understand how to create a successful blog the right way I will teach you how to actually get your blog up and running.

How to Start A Blog The Easy Way

Now the one thing I see many people doing is wasting months trying to make their blog perfect.

They dabble with colors, plugins and trying to make sure everything is just perfect. When I got started I had just a plain Thesis skin and started blogging.

Update Jan 1st, 2015: I now use Genesis wordpress themes for everything I do, but I don’t want you to get caught up on trying to make everything fancy when you start. I’ve spent a lot of money, been through several designs and at the end of the day what’s important is to create epic content that turns readers into subscribers.

So in the video below I’m going to go through exactly everything you want to do to get your website up and running fast and get started blogging.


Blogging Overview


Registering A Domain Name

 Namecheap– I buy all of my domain names from name cheap because it’s easy to use and navigate.

Buying Hosting

Bluehost– Bluehost is my favorite web host. Bluehost is a reliable web host you can grow with.

Install WordPress


Configure WordPress


Select A Theme


  • Genesis WordPress Theme– Psychologically Unemployable is built on Genesis framework. If you want a great mobile responsive theme that is constantly updated and you can grow your blog with, this is an excellent choice.
  • Thesis WordPress Theme– I build almost all my sites on Thesis. It’s an excellent theme, with great support and you don’t have to worry about it ever not working properly because they update it often. You can’t go wrong with Thesis and it’s also mobile responsive.
  • Elegant Themes– One of the more popular wordpress theme providers.
  • Theme Forest– You can find a lot of custom themes, but make sure to do your research to make sure the developer updates their theme.

Install A Theme


Install Plugins

 I suggest these plugins:

  • Yoast SEO– The SEO plugin I mention in the video.
  • Akismet– This helps combat spam comments.
  • Flare– One of my favorite social media plugins.
  • Pretty Link Lite– This plugin allows you to make cleaner looking affiliate links.
  • Subscribe To Comments– This allows people to subscribe to your blog posts to get updates when people comment.
  • WP– This plugin allows you to condense your images to speed up your website load time.

How To Use Your Blog


Create Important Pages

Resources Mentioned:

  • Get A Free Blog– Don’t want to do all the work setting it up? Grab hosting through my affiliate link and let my team set everything up for you.
  • Bluehost– Bluehost is what I use to host all of my affiliate websites as well as my client websites I build with my outsourcing center in the Philippines.
  • Namecheap– The domain registar I purchase all my domains from.
  • WPengine– This is the web host that Psychologically Unemployable is hosted on. If you plan to build one main authority website like mine and you want the best customer service in the business and a webhost you can expand with as your traffic grows I highly suggest them.
  • Aweber– Aweber is my favorite email auto responder to build my email subscriber list.
  • Leadpages– The drag and drop software I use to create squeeze pages and optin boxes on my blog.
  • Genesis WordPress Theme– Psychologically Unemployable is built on Genesis framework. If you want a great mobile responsive theme that is constantly updated and you can grow your blog with, this is an excellent choice.
  • Thesis WordPress Theme– I build almost all my sites on Thesis. It’s an excellent theme, with great support and you don’t have to worry about it ever not working properly because they update it often. You can’t go wrong with Thesis and it’s also mobile responsive.
  • Elegant Themes– One of the more popular wordpress theme providers.
  • Theme Forest– You can find a lot of custom themes, but make sure to do your research to make sure the developer updates their theme.


So at this point you should be armed with all the knowledge on how to start a blog. Don’t waste to much time perfecting everything, just get started blogging. You can always make improvements later once you get going.

Would love to hear your comments below if you have any suggestions on how I can improve this tutorial or if you found it helpful.

If you enjoyed this post I would appreciate it if you showed me some love by hitting those social share buttons below 😉


  1. says

    Hey Zach! Jimmy here…

    Great info yet again, bro! Love the detail. It all makes sense as to how you’ve gotten success with this blog. Any update on how to use ENv2 blogging platform in the way that you’ve suggested with having your own blog? Would LOVE to see a direct tutorial from you.

    • says


      Glad you liked it.

      As far as how to do the same with your EN blog you would just apply the same things I teach to that blog. The EN blog works great, I just personally prefer to do it on my own hosting.

      I would make sure you take advantage of buying your own domain so you can customize the blog to not look like EN. Brand the blog to you.

  2. Mayra says

    Hi Zach I really like how you approach and teach to people.
    I am a dynamic person: I sell products on the net, im an unemployed teacher…
    I am manga artist. I have a you tube channel where I share my art and teach people how to draw and so on… and now I want to build a blog or a website where I can share my art and also sell my illustrations.
    Im kind of confuse, how to start with your tecnique from an art market. Should I start visiting the most important forums of manga art and anime?

    You also made me want to do what you do, because selling products on the net is cool but is a lot of work and the money is so so..
    I hope yo can give advice.

    • says


      I would suggest finding where all the Manga lovers hangout. I’m sure there are tons of forums just for this niche.

      Start engaging users and put a link to your website in your signature.

      Keep creating videos and create content people in the niche will love.

      Maybe create your own ebook or video course teaching in detail how to draw manga.

      That would just be the suggestions I have off the top of my head 🙂

      Hope that helps

      • Mayra says

        Thanks for your reply Zach as you sai we are what we think 🙂 I will also try to open this blog so it will be like a solid stone to visitors even if they came form a forum, you tube video, etc. Thanks for your support and I’ll be in touch! THE BEST FOR THIS 2014

  3. Mayra says

    Hi Zack! I created and I payed my domain name and also paid at hostgator with paypal using your discount code… but they refunded my money, maybe ’cause I havent yet sent my ID scan etc. I cant get accesses to my hostgator…
    anyway I was wondering if I can use my domain name and direct visitors to a word press blog, I want to construct a site like this: shelattic. org/
    as you can see its a domain name, but when you click the image it redirects you to a blog. Can I do that without using a host? just wordpress and domain name? And render the blog like a static website? Hope you can help.

    • says

      I’m not sure how you could pull that off without having a host to upload your files.

      What I think they did is upload the image with a link to their hostgator blog as a html file on their host.

      The host is where you upload all your images, wordpress or any file that will show up on the net. So you need hosting.

      Not sure on the hostgator issue because I’ve never experienced that. I pay every month with my credit card.

  4. says

    So, I just started a blog this month. I felt like I was completely lost until I read this post. This is honestly this best information that I have found. I truly want people to enjoy what I am doing. I feel like I have so much to share. It doesn’t do me any good to share it if no one can find it.
    Thank you so much for explaining everything in a way that people who have not been blogging for 10 years can understand.

    • says


      Glad it helped you. I will be rolling out a lot more tutorials soon on blogging.

      Without my blog my life wouldn’t be the same.

      If I can give you one piece of advice it is to really focus on giving your readers the best possible experience. If you love the subject enough and poor passion and love into your blog then people will see that.

      I focus 100% on giving my readers what they want and the focus is always on them.

      Cheers and happy blogging 😉

  5. austin says

    Good write up. i am planing starting a blog, and thank God i saw your post. Please keep updating me through your posts.


  6. Joe says

    I guess I am still a little lost. I am a independent distributor for a company right now and wondering if blogging and or the EN is something for me to still look into? I put just about everything in this business I have to be a independent distributor and understand it is mlm. I do love their product and has given me a better life health wise.

  7. Darren Scruggs says

    Thanl2s for this information. I have been in several affiliate programs and have made small amounts of money and would like ro really begin generating a real income from home. These 12-15hr days, 6 days a week are wearing on me, my family and time.i will implement all that you have presented here and look to see what the outcome is. Thanks again,

    Darren Scruggs

    • says


      I can relate buddy I was working 50-80hrs a week on average, but usually 7 days a week. I just applied myself so I could get out of that job keeping me miserable.

  8. Gaither says

    Been following your blog for about 2 weeks now. BIG TIME CONTENT!!!! This content on your blog has tough me where I need to focus my attention when I get back started with my business. Going to start over the right way. I didn’t plan my investment right to put out into my business and ran out of money. I was just taking risk left and right with everything lol. But taking action is the best way to learn!!!!!! However, your WHOLE blog has gave me direction that I really needed and now I see the whole picture. Making plans to sign-up under you in MLSP in the next 3 weeks and so forth. I impressed with your teaching concepts, methods, and mindset.

    I have read/watch How to set up a blog, went throught SEO Video marketing, Keyword Search, creating content. What are some more steps I could take to get more of a running start? Looking forward to working with you soon.

    • says


      Nice to meet you. The main things to focus on is building your blog, building your list and focusing on helping that list to solve their problems.

      Pick one form of traffic to master first to generate fresh leads. From there you need a good product to promote to your list. Those are the most important factors to really focus on.

      • Gaither says

        Nice to meet you and thanks for responding. When you say a form of traffic are you pertaining to video marketing SEO and blogging as a form correct?

  9. Olance says

    Thanks so much for the information.I will say i am not new or expert in internet marketing because i have been reading information about it from the internet but not really into it .Before i was following someone but i found out that this was not my aim of joining him.So i found your information interesting specially telling people how and what to go with .I will like to know what will cost me in going into MLSP and i am to sign in under you provided you will give me guidance And also tell me what other offer i should promote.Please you can email me.You see my email there.


    • says


      Yes I help people once they get signed under me. I have dedicated training and you get access to my coaching group where I work with you there to help you get results. MLSP is a great program to start out with, but MTTB is my favorite. If you have any questions you can message me on FB or if you subscribe to my email list just reply to any of my emails.

  10. René says

    Hey Zach, your blog gave me the inspiration i needed, added you on fb and into your mailing list.
    I´m normally the guy who gathers lots of information first and looses the main topic but i know this will work.
    As i have all the tools i need. But one thing remains, i know you have found your passion but what if you don´t know which niche suits you best?
    I am thinking about something in the tech area but will i be able to the people enough quality content over time ? I´m the only person able to answer this but do you think just getting in is the right idea?
    When it comes to sales i am completly at zero, i wouldn´t know what i could sell (and make) that people really need.

    Thank you for your help in advance and keep up the good work.
    PS: Have you already bought a house on the philippines.

    • says


      No I haven’t bought a house in the Philippines. I’m actually back in the US at the moment.

      As for what niche to go in I personally prefer to go into big niches where most of the money is. I would really only do weight loss and make money online because they’re the most profitable. I prefer make money online because regardless of the economy that niche will always prosper because people are always trying to learn how to create a business.

      I found my passion in marketing and teaching people everything I’ve learned in my journey.

      Hope that helps.


      • René says

        Thanks this helps me a lot, as i think i found a niche i would like to go in.
        I already bought a domain, so what do you think how important it really is to fit the domain name?
        Can a single Blog post outrank others in a field or is a Domain with a fitting name a huge bonus?

        I would really like to join your programm as your site helped me a lot but i might do it when i have made some money out of your tips.



        PS: Hit the Taco Bell for me

        • says


          I’m not a huge person on the domain, but if you plan to stick with a blog for a long time then I would give it some thought on branding. For me I knew my brand “psychologically unemployable” would be a long term deal for me so I focused on coming up with something I liked.

          I don’t create my business around one specific thing, but I have a broad market which is internet marketing.

          As for ranking in the search engines it’s usually not your main domain that ranks, but a actual page or post on your blog.

  11. says

    I like how you go into detail about writing content here. I am just wondering if it’s gotten easier for you to write content with practice over time?

    I find that when I write a blog post, I have to keep going back and editing it. I keep finding problems with it, even days or weeks later I’m still going back and trying to touch it up and make it right.

    Does writing just flow easily for you now (like being done with an article the first time you write it) or do you have to revise it a bunch of times like I do?

    • says


      I used to be a perfectionist.

      Spelling and grammar and making mistakes are always something I struggled with ever since my motorcycle accident. I’ve gotten better and better with writing the more I do, but I’ve learned to write the blog post and then I’m done.

      Now that doesn’t mean sometimes I don’t spend 4 or 5 hours writing a really good post, but I only go back and make edits if I change something or think later I can make improvements.

      The more you write the easier it gets.

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