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Herbalife Reviews- Is It Worth Joining?

If you’re reading this post you’re either looking for herbalife reviews to buy the product or looking into becoming a distributor for the company.

Now if you’re looking for herbalife products I would suggest to either find a distributor or purchase it direct from the source.

However if you’re looking into becoming a distributor and building the business you’re going to run into one main problem- – – -Marketing the business!!

That’s where I come in 😉

You probably found this post on the front page of Google and that generates tons of eyeballs on whatever you’re selling. Most people market Herbalife in the trenches using old school door to door methods.

Thats fine and all, but if you’re anything like me you want to scale the business and fast!!

So before I dive into how to help you build your herbalife business I want to address one issue I see often…

Is Herbalife Scam True?

First off Herbalife is one of the largest network marketing companies around and has been stable for years and they’re a lot of people making a lot of money inside the company.

It never fails that someone who knows nothing about network marketing and direct sales will say any mlm out there is a pyramid scheme and they don’t even know the true meaning of a pyramid scheme.

Herbalife is very stable company and they produce great products.

I know because I did a little research and tried the products when I was a personal trainer before I knew anything about marketing a business online.

Thousands of people are looking to buy the products every single day online and it’s a very lucrative business especially if you have a passion for fitness.

So you know when you promote the products you’re promoting something that is a high quality product and helps people get results when they use it.

Now if you decide to market herbalife the main issue most people have is finding people interested in what they’re selling.

This is where online marketing comes in.

Herbalife Marketing The Right Way

Every single day I signup people for multiple companies i’m involved in and my own products.

I don’t tell you this to brag, but to help you understand the power behind marketing your business online.

The old school way of selling your friends, family and anyone who will hear your business opportunity or interested in trying the products prevents a lot of people from having success.

Herbalife is a great business, but you need to get your offer in front of people looking for what you’re selling.

When you take your business online you can put your offer in front of thousands of people daily.

Can you imagine the kind of money you can make when you can leverage your time and energy by making a few simple blog posts and getting them to show up at the top of Google?

Steps To Marketing Your Business

Step 1- The first step to marketing your business online is getting setup with your very own blog.

A blog is one of the best ways to market any business online. You can get your offer in front of thousands of people looking for what you’re selling.

Step 2- Getting your content to show up in the search engines.

You don’t just create the content and then you’re done. You actually need to market your blog post to get it to show up at the top of the search engines so people will see it.

This isn’t a hard process and I can teach you that.

Step 3- Getting people to subscribe to your email newsletter.

For the people that understand the value of marketing their business online the one thing most people fail to do is collect peoples emails so they can follow up with the people interested in their business.

Most people need to see a business opportunity or anything they’re interested in buying on average of 7 times before deciding to make a purchase.

If you don’t collect their emails with a email auto-responder you’re leaving tons of money on the table.

Herbalife Summary

Now obviously there are a few more steps to creating a successful business online, but it’s much easier than marketing the business with the traditional ways most people market the business.

I’m confident that anyone can run a successful business online no matter how old, how much experience or even your personal background.

I’ve taught people from all backgrounds how to dominate online and produce results inside their business.

But…..it all started with my bootcamp training where they learned how to properly setup their business online.

If you’re interested in learning how to market your Herbalife business online and signup people into your business or just sell more herbalife products then enter your email below to get my free bootcamp training.

This will teach you how to setup your blog, how to get your bog posts to rank, how to generate endless leads for your business and how to get people to buy what you’re selling.

Zach Crawford


  1. says

    I am a mother of 3 small boys, and are currently doing more than one job just to survive. I am doing good in my first 2 weeks of Herbalife no thanks to any training from my supervisor, but I need urgent sales. Please help. Willing to work really really hard.

    • says


      The only way to get sales fast is to either sale directly to someone through network or paid traffic.

      Building up a business takes time and it doesn’t happen overnight.

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation, but keep working hard and it will all be worth it in the end.


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