Update: March 11th 2014- Recently my old sponsor asked me why I quit the company. Once I told him he went straight to David Woods to let him know what happened.

From what I understand someone inside the company messed up on the TOS and EN is still fine with people promoting multiple income opportunities and they stated I should have never received a cease and desist letter.

I have no hard feelings with Empower Network and I give kudos to my sponsor for taking this issue to David to sort it out and to David Wood for standing up and letting everyone know this isn’t true.

With that being said I won’t be getting back in the company because I’m focusing on my own business, but I wanted to update this review so it’s correct.

With that being said ignore anything below about not being able to promote multiple opportunities with Empower Network.

However everything else is updated and will help you understand how Empower Network works. Comment below if you have any questions 😉

When EN launched they marketed the company as internet marketing training to help you build any business you want or you could be an affiliate and promote the products.

In fact one of the top leaders was a top leader in another company and that company kicked him out for promoting Empower Network and EN came out saying they supported people building whatever business they chose even if it wasn’t theirs.

Empower Network is essentially wanting affiliates to promote them and only them. Which is just plain wrong. You should never brand a company, you should brand yourself.

Before joining you’re going to want to decide if you’re comfortable only promoting Empower Network and building your business 100% around them.

In my opinion this isn’t smart because you want to build a business where people follow you, trust you and they buy whatever you’re selling. When you build your business 100% around a company you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Once they started changing their message and pushing more for only promoting them and nothing else I could no longer support this company.

Combine this with the fact that they made me delete my domains that had their brand name in it stating I’m violating their TOS and letting other leader’s in the company have the brand name in their domain, use their logo and all of their branding was the final straw for me.

I didn’t have a problem with the fact that they didn’t want me using the brand name in the domain because it’s completely understandable.

However, I do find it a bit odd when I spend a lot of money on SEO to rank the site to market their products and they make me take it down, but let someone else in the company violate the TOS because they’re in the top 10.

With that being said I have nothing bad to say about the company because that’s not my style so I will leave up the full review for anyone still interested in joining.

I will keep the review non biased as possible because EN is not completely bad and no company is perfect.

En is a good fit for some and hopefully this will give you a good idea of how the company works from someone who was actually involved and will help you decide for yourself if it’s a good fit for YOU.

However if you’re looking for a high ticket affiliate program I highly suggest My Top Tier Business.

Empower Network Review- What Exactly Is It?


Empower Network is one of the hottest business opportunities on the net. It’s a hybrid of internet marketing, network marketing and mlm all combined into one package.

It’s got the training of internet marketing, the mlm compensation plan and it’s by network marketers. I’m not sure what you want to classify it as, but I’m about to dive into exactly what they offer.

 How Much Does It Cost

I will start with the question everyone wants to know first— “How much does Empower Network cost?”

To join Empower it cost $25 a month to become a member and this gives you the viral blogging system.

If you want to resell the products Empower offers then there is a $19.95 month merchant account fee.

This is to process your orders and it allows you to resell the products to receive 100% commission. If you have your own merchant account like authorize.net you can use your own instead.

Once you purchase the blogging system the only thing left you will need is an email autoresponder to build your email list. I suggest Aweber.

Now let’s dive into the products and what you get for your money!

Zach, Tell Me About The Products!

Fast Start Training- The fast start training is $25 a month. This is the basic product to join and it comes with the viral blogging system and the fast start training to get you up and going.

Besides the blog you also get custom squeeze pages to help you build your list. All you have to do is hook up your autoresponder and you’re ready to go.

For someone who just wants to get setup this isn’t bad, but I would highly suggest you learn how to setup your own blog so you control your content.

If you put in the work of blogging and then decide to quit Empower Network in the future then your content gets passed up to your sponsor and all the hard work you put in went to waste.

So I highly suggest if you choose to market Empower Network that you create your own blog so you’re in control of your business 😉

Inner Circle Training- The inner circle training is by far one of my favorite products in the Empower Network product line. It has well over 60 audios and growing monthly. This is some of the best training I’ve ever heard. This cost $100 monthly and you can resell it for 100% commission.

You have people inside the company making high 6 and 7 figure incomes and they share exactly what they’re doing inside of their business in the audios.

I personally listen to these daily and they’ve helped me grow my business by leaps and bounds. Every time I listen to the audios I pick up something I can use in my business. When you’re building a business it’s extremely important to learn from people who are currently doing better than yourself.

No matter how big my income grows I’m always open to listening to other successful people to pick up tips I can apply to my business.

Costa Rica Intensive- This training is more advanced training to teach you everything from how to do Search engine optimization to get your content to rank and more advance trainings like learning how to position yourself as an authority so people want to buy what you have to offer.

There are over 11 detailed trainings that will help you learn how to sell anything online(not just Empower Network).

This product costs $500(one time fee) and once you own the product you can sell it for 100% commissions.

This was my least favorite product from EN. For $500 I expected a lot more compared to other information products I’ve bought in the past and I’ve spent over $20,000 + to gain the knowledge I have.

With that being said you may find value in it if you’re new to the business.

15k Formula- The 15k formula is a very detailed training program that teaches you how to generate more leads for your business. You will find everything from how to use PPC, solo ads, advanced blogging strategies and even Facebook marketing.

This will teach you how to scale your business fast. The 15k formula is all about how to get to $15,000 a month in 90 days.

This 15k formula cost $1000 and once you own it you can resell it for 100% commissions.

This product is actually pretty darn good, but some of the modules should be redone because the methods are outdated. I expected EN to update the training, but they never did.

However with that being said there are training modules in the 15k I found very valuable and I would say it’s still worth the money in my opinion.

Master’s Retreat- The master’s retreat is the final product in the Empower Network product line. This product is from the top leaders in the company and it teaches you how to scale your business to $100k a month.

This product cost $3500 and once you own it can resell for 100% commissions.

The Compensation Plan

The Empower Network compensation plan is what originally attracted me to joining. Anytime I look for a business opportunity to join the first thing I look for is a good compensation plan.

Most people promote products with tiny commissions and products with no recurring commissions.

The problem with promoting products with one time commissions is you have to sell the same amount every single month to meet your previous months income.

With Empower Network they have recurring commissions. This makes it easy to scale your business fast because each month you can build on your previous months income.

It also has low, mid and high ticket products. You will be able to build your income because you’re promoting recurring commissions and you also will have mid and high ticket products to sell which all adds up to a nice income at the end of the month.

For every product you own you collect 100% commissions, but when someone in your downline doesn’t own the product and you do, then you will get the pass up sale.

Example: Someone who signed up under you doesn’t own the 15k formula, but they own every other product. They recruit someone who buys all the products up to the 15k formula.

Since they didn’t own the 15k formula that commission will be passed up to you, but they will receive the commissions for all the products except the 15k formula.

When I first started in Empower Network I just tested it out because I was involved in another program already. Within the first week I lost several commissions by not owning the products.

As you can guess I upgraded very quickly so I wouldn’t lose anymore money.

The compensation plan allows you to make a lot of money with just a few people.

Example: If you wanted to make $5000 a month all you would need is 40 people signed up to both the basic blogging platform and the inner circle.

Or if you owned all the products you can make $4625 from one customer if they go all in.

Is it hard for you to imagine making $5000 with this compensation plan?

My final thoughts on the comp plan– The compensation plan is setup to make you a lot of money, but most people don’t like the pass up sales.

I will be honest every time I sent a bigger pass up sale of $500 + to my sponsor I never enjoyed it, but it was nice when the pass up’s come to you.

This is a benefit to you if you get someone on your team who can produce results, but most people just starting out won’t be able to benefit from this system.

If you’re an established marketer you will be able to leverage the Empower Network compensation plan and make a lot of money from it.

If you’re a newbie marketer you should be going into this with the plan that your income will come from you producing results, not your downline making money for you.

Is Empower Network A Scam?

I hear this question all the time. It doesn’t matter what program it is, someone will always say that a program or product is a scam because it didn’t work for them or they didn’t apply it.

There are always rare cases where a product is indeed a scam, but most of the time I find it to be one of the reasons I listed above. Empower Network will work for people who actually apply it.

With any program it takes work to make the income you desire.

When most people start online they expect to get rich over night, but you have to apply yourself like any business.

Just because it’s online doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in the work.

Most people don’t have the marketing knowledge to make it work, but this is where the training comes in.

Some people will be able to come in and dominate within weeks, but if you’re new to the business it’s important to have the right expectations.

When you purchase the training make sure you go through all of it and actually apply it.

What It Takes To Succeed

If you want to succeed with Empower Network or any other business opportunity you will need to do a few things.

What you need to do to get results:

  • Purchase the products and learn how to market online properly
  • Spend more time taking action and working than studying
  • Develop your mind for success by listening to the audios daily
  • Put your focus on driving traffic daily to get your offer in front of as many people as possible
  • Once the people are on your email list you should focus on building a relationship with them

Empower Network takes work and I won’t lie to you and tell you that you just sign up and get rich, but once you put in the work you will be able to live a life most people could only dream of.

Throw yourself in head first and become a student of marketing and truly learn to love what you’re doing. I love everything about marketing and online business.

When i’m not working I love to develop my skills by reading books and learning new things I once didn’t know how to do.

If you don’t think you can discipline yourself and apply yourself to learn a few new skills then Empower Network may not be for you.

Does It Actually Work?

Empower Network will work for someone who is serious about building their business and willing to put into the work, but it won’t be push button simple.

If you want to make good money you will need to own the higher tier products because it’s going to take a lot of $25 commissions to make much money.

Empower Network is like any business opportunity and it will take a lot of hard work to get good results, but below I put together a list of what you should be doing to get results.

Get Personal- The first thing you need to do is start your own blog or use the Empower Network blog they include.

Use your blog as a place to build a relationship with your subscribers. Inject your personality in everything you do and focus on attracting your perfect customer.

You can’t market to everyone and this is why 99% of people fail. Use your blog to really connect with people on a deeper level.

I focus on writing my content for my perfect customer. I don’t worry about the people that don’t like me, I just focus on the people I can help.

The people I end up working with I would meet in person, enjoy having a beer with them and they would probably end up being a good friend.

I use my content to also repel people I wouldn’t want to work with. Think of your blog as your home and you want to invite people into your home and make them feel welcome.

They should want to kick their feet up on the table, open the fridge and grab a beer and feel just like they’re at home.

When people feel comfy, when they feel like they know you just from reading your content and they like you then they will be much more comfortable doing business with you.

You smelling what I’m cooking?

Add more value- The one thing I’ve done with Empower Network and any business I’ve ran online is to focus on people first. I figure out what problems people are having, what they search for online and I create content to help them.

This is much easier then you think. When people find this content they look at you as the authority and the person to follow.

Focus on 80% action 20% studying- The one common problem I’ve seen with my coaching students and many people who try to make a living online is they suffer from information overload.

They spend way to much time studying and not enough time doing the high leverage tasks in their business that will make them money.

It’s great to learn, but you need to spend more time getting things done over studying.

Don’t get side tracked- Most people come into this business excited about the business opportunity they join and ready to tackle the world. A few weeks later after they haven’t made any money they jump to a new opportunity thinking it will be the cure to their problems.

This is one of the biggest reasons people fail online and don’t get the results they were hoping for. It’s a bad habit to get into and it won’t lead to success.

It’s fine to promote multiple opportunities, but you need to get one program working well before you branch out to other opportunities.

Build Your List- Building your list is where you should be putting most of your focus. The bigger your list gets the more money you will make. Even if you’re not a good marketer you will still make more money as your list grows.

I didn’t focus on this early in my career online and I would never make that mistake again. Build your list from the start and you will be happy later.

Make Sacrifices- This business requires a little work and sacrifices to be made. Be willing to put in the work up front and later you can work just a few hours a day and make more money in a month than people make in a year.

This requires sacrificing time and some money up front, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Step out of your comfort zone- Probably one of the hardest things for people to do is step out of their comfort zone and learn new skills.

Most people prefer to do the same things and never push themselves. I can tell you from personal experience that success is right outside your comfort zone.

Always be willing to do things you don’t want to do. Usually what you don’t want to do is the thing you need to do the most.

I never wanted to do video marketing because it scared me, but once I forced myself to get on video my business started growing at rapid rates.

Do what others aren’t willing to do so you can live a life they will never experience.

Empower Network Summary

Only you can decide if Empower Network is for you or not. If you’re willing to buy all the products, bust your ass and work hard then you can get good results.

If you’re like me and create your own products, promote different affiliate programs and believe in multiple income streams then Empower Network probably isn’t for you.

Empower Network has both good and bad reviews out there, but every company does. So if EN is a company you can vibe with then ignore the haters and get to work 😉

I have no EN hate and even though I think what they did to me is unfair I will never have anything negative to say because at the end of the day business is business.

Hopefully this helped you get the real positives and negatives of the company from someone who was actually involved and made money with the company.

Work With Me

If you still want to work with me you can get access to my coaching and mentorship by joining me here.

If you can follow simple instructions, willing to put in the work and ready to have the help from someone who can show you exactly what you need to be doing then let’s get started 😉

Zach Crawford