Zachanisim 42: Money Loves Speed-How To Work Faster And Get More Done

In this episode I talk about: Why you need to speed the hell up. Why taking imperfect action is better than getting it right. Why failure is a good thing. I've always been fascinated with online business and how two similar people from similar backgrounds can get completely different results. I personally don't think it's because one person is smarter, has better resources or has an unfair advantage. What' I've learned over time is the key difference with successful people and … [Read more...]

17 Lessons For The New Internet Marketer

Internet Marketing Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started I started my journey with Internet Marketing about 5 years ago. For the first several years it was a rocky start. The last few years have treated me pretty DARN good ;) I'm going to share 25 of the lessons I wish I knew when I started. 1.) The right time is NOW. When I talk to a lot of people they will say "man I wish I started when you did". I said the same things when I started 5 years ago and I would hear the stories of … [Read more...]

Zachanisim 41: How To Take Action To Get Results In Your Business And Life

In this episode I talk about: Why imperfect action is better than waiting for the timing to be right. How I made $10k by just launching without a plan. Why you need to get uncomfortable often. How To Take Action To Overcome Your Fears One of the biggest problems new entrepreneurs face when starting their business is the fear of getting started. Most people spend time trying to get everything right, buying new courses and they end up doing nothing to move their business forward in … [Read more...]