This is why you FAIL!

this is why you fail
Today someone posted in my mastermind group looking for guidance. Instead of just posting my answer in thereĀ I wanted to write a blog post to share it with everyone to benefit from.

This person basically said:

  • They’ve failed over and over again.
  • They’re really confused because there is a ton of information out there.
  • They need help with a plan of what to focus on.

So let’s cover these one by one.
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Jerry Seinfeld Strategy To End Procrastination

jerry-seinfeldJerry Seinfeld is someone we all can learn from when it comes to business, life and how to achieve massive results and later I will share the “Seinfeld Strategy” on how to end procrastination.

I see people everyday who struggle with procrastination and getting things done in their business.

When you first start your business online you will face plenty of mental hurdles, generally lots or procrastination and sometimes outside struggles from family and friends doubting your career path.
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10 Lessons You Must Learn To Become an Entrepreneur

Over the last 5 years or so in my journey to become a successful entrepreneur I had to learn a few valuable lessons that I wasn’t prepared for initially going in.

Theres no official rule book written that tells you to follow a certain path and it will equal success. Entrepreneurship is the road less traveled ;)

Even though I would never trade being an entrepreneur for all the money in the world, these are 10 things I never really knew going in and I see plenty of people fail because they never really learn to adapt.
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